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So many of you might not be aware of exactly what end of tenancy cleaning includes. This is where we come in, providing your homes with an amicable end of tenancy cleaning service for many years now. We want to help you join our previous customers and receive the best cleaning service ever. Our main goal at the end of tenancy cleaning London is to ensure that every single customer receives the highest level of service possible. We are fully insured and every one of our cleaners have received every bit of training required to clean all kinds of surfaces and materials. They all have independent certificates and knowledge so they can give your property a full deep clean. 

Why is it important to maintain a clean home? Well not only is it just nice to walk into a clean home after a long day it’s also actually beneficial for your health. If dirt is left to build up it can cause so many issues especially with respiratory aspects of health. Mold can begin to build up and this can cause lung infection and cause people that suffer with asthma troubles with their breathing. Dust can also cause respiratory issues as it floats in the air every time something moves in a room. We can eliminate this worry by removing 100 percent of dust and dirt from your property if regular cleaning is arranged. 

We always recommend a full cleaning of your entire property at least every 6 months, more regular if you have children or pets in the property. So now we understand the benefits of a regular professional cleaning lets discuss what’s included,  We will ensure cleaning of all Skirting boards, door frames, handrails. All furniture surfaces will be wiped and polished (our cleaners have full understanding of which surfaces require which products), cupboards inside and out, all kitchen appliances inside and out, oven, extractor fans, washing machine, toilet, sink basins, showers, including shower screens, all taps, light switches, plug sockets, light fittings, all windows (inside only), and decorative items such as picture frames, ornaments, vases and so on will be polished and returned to its original place, curtain rails, all flooring hard and carpeted (steam carpet cleaning would be an additional cost) Everything inside of the property will be disinfected and polished. The only thing we choose not to include is the walls and ceilings, we will simply dust these as we wouldn’t want to cause damage to paint or wallpaper. 

We can and always will offer an amazing cleaning service, we are so confident that we can offer you the best Professional End of tenancy cleaning service that we always offer every customer that books with us a Free re-clean guarantee and if you are unhappy with any areas of the clean we will send  a cleaner back to re-clean these areas for free. Our only goal as a professional cleaning company is to ensure that you, the landlord in some cases and the customer are 100 percent happy with every aspect of the clean, and if this means sending a cleaner back to fix any problem areas, we are more than happy to get this arranged as soon as possible. This guarantee of course does come with some terms, don’t worry though our only terms are that no one resides or stays in the property after the clean has been completed and any areas that you’re not happy with are reported within 24 hours. This is so that no new dust can settle in the time between re cleaning. 


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