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Whether it’s to entertain your kids during a lockdown or to make mundane tasks more efficient, there is a whole host of new technology that can bring your home to life. It’s important to remember that whilst we must use technology in moderation, using it to our advantage can help free up more time for us to do the other things we enjoy in life – or it can be the source of some joy. Here are five examples of technology making the home a happier place.

Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors are still in their infancy, which is why most people are making their own as there isn’t much production of them yet – though this is a great way to improve your craftmanship. Essentially, they’re a mirror with a computer screen behind – so you can see both your reflection as well as a screen overlay. This screen overlay can show you the weather, emails, music playlist, Youtube videos… Almost anything, yet in the spaces will be your reflection.

Alexa voice integration can also mean this mirror is at the center of your home – you speak to it, and it will control your plugs, lights, music, heating, and many more home elements.

Candy floss machine

A candy floss machine is something that’s been around a bit longer but is often something not considered. Not only does a candy floss machine make an amazing birthday or Christmas present, but it brings a never-ending gift – candy floss for special occasions and weekends to look forward to.

Candy floss machines also come with RBG settings now too, meaning the candy will illuminate in multicolours from the inside LED. They can also be a great piece of decoration, exciting all of your child’s friends and visitors.

Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs such as the Philips Hue are a great way to set a fun atmosphere in rooms around the house, with different nuanced colours that radiate across the walls and ceiling. The lights can connect to each other with time schedules, a mobile app, or even controlled by voice activation. This can make for an amazing gaming or entertainment station too, with coloured lights illuminating behind the monitor screen.

Soda machine

Soda machines are often elegant-looking machines that carbonate water effortlessly with the push of a button. Not only is this a way to cut down on your plastic (when purchasing sparkling water), but it’s a fun and interesting process. This way, you can use your own filter water and make never-ending sparkles – all without the sugar too.

Laser light show

Again, another lighting-based technology, but extreme fun nonetheless. It doesn’t matter what age you are, lasers are cool! Laser light shows are little machines you can place in the corner of the room, and they will rotate on their own, creating essentially a disco atmosphere in the room with lasers. Again, something great to get out on special occasions or when guests are over.

These can be very cheap, but if you spend a little more you can have a laser show that’s integrated with the music (usually via a microphone). In short, this means the music playing in the room will dictate the lasers to the beat of the song, creating an incredibly immersive atmosphere.


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