Discover the Idyllic Coastline of the Adriatic

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One of the most beautiful places to enjoy a well-earned holiday is the Adriatic coast. It includes at least 1,200 picturesque islands that are simply longing to be admired. The majority of them lie in a clear, turquoise sea just off the coast of Croatia. The best way to explore this heavenly region is to indulge in island-hopping. Don’t worry if you’ve never been aboard a yacht before. We can reassure you that you’ve got a wonderful holiday experience ahead!

The Island of Rab

Any sailing holiday along the Croatian coast should include stopping off at Rab. It has beautiful, Medieval architecture that gives it a fairytale atmosphere. There are many ancient churches to explore including St. John that dates back to the 6th century. The beaches are wonderfully soft and sandy, making it a perfect trip for people interested in cultural visits and relaxing experiences. Thanks to a ridge of high ground called the Velebit Mountains, the weather is usually pleasantly warm. One thing you’re sure to notice is a lovely aroma of pine that wafts in from the Kalifront Forest in the island’s interior.

Relax in Solta

Not far from the mainland town of Split is the island of Solta. As your yacht nears the little harbour, you’ll feel as though you’re almost stepping back in time. The fishing village is in a bay overlooked by lush vegetation dotted with ancient cottages. The relaxed atmosphere is incredibly memorable. It’s exactly the place to choose when you need to avoid the stress of everyday life. Inland you’ll come across beautiful olive groves leading to the ancient village of Grohote. Its centrepiece is the Slavica Kula, a stone tower that’s guarded the village for centuries.

Active Pastimes in Mljet

You don’t need to spend all your time on a yacht when there’s such exquisite scenery to explore on the island of Mljet. It’s home to the Mljet National Park, an idyllic blend of forests, hills, and saltwater lakes. Hiking, cycling, and snorkelling, are just a few of the activities you can enjoy. One of the highlights of your visit could be diving into the sea to explore Odysseus’ Cave. The legendary Greek hero of the Trojan War was said to be very reluctant indeed to leave this magical place.

Reasons to Choose Yachting in the Adriatic

There’s a great sense of freedom in hiring your own yacht. Although these vessels are typically compact, they resemble floating hotels. They usually offer several berths, accommodating up to a dozen people. The designs often feature catamarans and cruisers. Yachts available for hire generally include bathrooms with showers and fully-equipped kitchens. Boat charter in Croatia typically comes with an experienced skipper to relieve you of the effort of sailing the yacht. You’ll also find additional facilities such as paddleboards and dinghies to help you enjoy Croatia’s crystal-clear sea even more. Hiring a boat and visiting the beautiful islands of the Adriatic feels like being in paradise!

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