Recipes feature regularly on What the Redhead said and you can see every recipe we have created so far here.

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Nectarine Crumble Recipe

I love a good crumble but they’re traditionally a bit of a winter pudding so when Sunburst got in contact to introduce us to their nectarines I thought a Nectarine Crumble recipe would be a great summer alternative to my winter favourites. Sunburst nectarines have a beautiful yellow flesh that is so juicy and they are some of the best nectarines I have tasted – I am used to ones…

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Cheesecake Sundae Desserts Recipe

I have teamed up with Aldi to work on a few recipes for you to enjoy over the summer – or the rest of the year if you feel like it and my first creations are a couple of Cheesecake Sundaes. These are a really simple dessert to put together and taste great too – and all the ingredients you can find at Aldi. You can use the basic cheesecake…


Peanut Butter Oreo S’mores Pizza Recipe

Everywhere I have looked recently there have been S’mores recipes and I hold my hands up to the fact I didn’t have a clue what they were until I had a google and saw that they were a campfire treat involving some form of biscuit, marshmallow and chocolate – yummy! When we were sent the new Oreo flavours to try and create a recipe with I knew I wanted a…


Christmas Inspired Mini Strawberry Pies

Stocking Fillers had this great idea to put together a 12 day advent calendar full of Christmas inspired food and drink with a summer twist. I was really pleased to be invited to take part and create a summer Christmas recipe and knew immediately what to make. The one thing I really miss through the year is mince pies. Bite size treats to have with a cup of tea, warmed…


Making Cocktails with Appletiser

Hubby and I don’t often get a chance to have a drink together and usually, when we do find the time, we automatically opt for a G&T. Appletiser recently asked if we’d like to make some cocktails and I thought it would be nice to try something different rather than our regular G&T.  How do you make Appletiser cocktails? Appletiser sent us the ingredients to make their Classic Appletiser Cocktail…


Chicken Surprise Filler {Bernard Matthews Breadless Lunch}

Although as a family we really love sandwiches it’s lovely to have lunches that don’t involve bread every so often and Bernard Matthews challenged us to come up with a Breadless Lunch – that didn’t contain bread products and used some of their chicken or turkey products. Our main Breadless Lunches tend to involve jacket potatoes or pasta although salads would be a great bread free lunch but we don’t eat many…


Peanut Milkshake Recipe using Peanut Hottie

I love finding things that the whole family will drink, especially over the hotter summer months when it’s so important to keep hydrated. Peanut Hottie sent us a bag of goodies to inspire us to make milkshakes using Peanut Hottie, something I had never thought of before. Making Peanut Hottie Milkshakes couldn’t be simpler and LP helped me blend milk and Peanut Hottie before putting it in a milk bottle…