Favourite Posts

Here are the posts that I have most enjoyed writing and that have resonated with my audience as well. They are mostly personal posts, ones full of opinion or ones questioning current affairs or aspects of daily life. Enjoy!

Things I Always Want to Remember

I have always known that we would only have two children. Although after Little Man was born, and up until he turned one – maybe even two – I could have quite happily had another, I knew that wasn’t right for our family – two was always going to be the right number. But now that LP is six and Little Man is four I know with certainty that we…

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A Year Ago We Started Speech Therapy

A year ago we started the process for Little Man to have speech therapy. It was something I’d been through as a child too and when it was first suggested that he needed help with his speech I was so emotional. I wasn’t sad that he needed speech therapy it was more that we had been working on helping him speak for so long that hearing someone outside of our…


What will the Children Remember?

Looking back at my childhood I don’t remember a huge amount. I remember the big things – the birthdays, Christmases and the camping holidays. I remember the truly memorable things like having chicken pox, learning to ride a bike, moving house, getting a new car and days out to Brighton and Chessington World of Adventures. But in between I don’t remember a huge amount. I remember some of the clothes…


The Florida Dream

I’ve talked about my childhood quite a lot on this blog. I grew up in a council house with working class parents – a dad who worked around the clock, especially at Christmas and a Mum who was always there when I got home from school, always walked me to school and at times left in the evening to go and work a cleaning job. They both worked so hard…


The Future isn’t ‘just’ Female

I keep seeing slogan tees and accessories everywhere – in shops, in online stores and across social media – that say, simply, The Future is Female. I have seen them so many times now that I just had to write about it because, as much as I’m for empowering women and wanting men and women to be treated equally, I really feel this isn’t the way to go about it.…


What do you do?

Now that I’ve moved from my old traditional day job to work as a blogger life couldn’t be better. We have a good balance, I get to be at home with the children and I finally feel like life and work take up the right amount of time each. But, there’s one thing that still always catches me off guard and makes me nervous about this career of mine. When…


On Just Letting It Go

I realised, just before I gave up my day job last year, that I was stressed, emotional and often angry and frustrated at the smallest of things. When I left my job to be at home full time I took the opportunity to make a change. It wasn’t a conscious decision. I didn’t wake up one day and think that now was the first day of the rest of my…