Favourite Posts

Here are the posts that I have most enjoyed writing and that have resonated with my audience as well. They are mostly personal posts, ones full of opinion or ones questioning current affairs or aspects of daily life. Enjoy!

Learning to Swim has Changed My Life

In July I went to Wales for a week to learn to swim in a residential swimming course. I knew after that week that being able to swim would change my life but, when I left the course I still had some reservations. During the course we didn’t go out of our depth. We didn’t learn to tread water. We learnt to have confidence in the water, we learnt breaststroke…

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Getting my Teeth Straightened as an Adult – The End Results

Back in December I went to The Dental Studio to talk about getting my teeth straightened. This is something I had been hoping to get done ever since my teens – when I’d last had braces – and my teeth all moved back after I stopped wearing my retainer. I wrote about my reasons for getting my teeth straightened and I also wrote an update after a month of treatment.…


Dear NHS – On Your 70th Birthday

To the National Health Service I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. The NHS gets a lot of flack – as do all services we have in this country – but, without you, I wouldn’t be here. Neither would my husband and, because of that, neither would my children. I was born three months prematurely nearly 34 years ago. It took a lot to get me…


‘I’m not… But…’

How many times a day do we hear something like ‘I’m not racist, but…’ or ‘I’m not being mean, but…’ or ‘I’m not jealous, but…’ These phrases are something I hear constantly – in the school playground, among friends or just overhearing conversations in the street. I even see this sort of thing regularly on social media too. It’s something that has bothered me for so long that the last…


An Open Letter to a Stalker Online

To my Online Stalker, Many bloggers get a bit of unwanted attention every now and again. They get someone watching far too many of their Instagram Stories, they get people liking every single tweet they send out or they get well meaning strangers stopping them in the street. But, for me, your attention isn’t like that. Your attention is constant in it’s inconsistency. Every few months you will pop up…


Lensball Adventures

A month or so ago I invested in a new toy – a Lensball – after seeing Tim playing with his on Instagram and seeing Grace with hers at the Flea Retreat. I love taking photos and the Lensball was really something fun rather than something to take amazing photos. I bought it as a hobby, something to inspire some creativity in me and something to pass some time too.…


Things I Always Want to Remember

I have always known that we would only have two children. Although after Little Man was born, and up until he turned one – maybe even two – I could have quite happily had another, I knew that wasn’t right for our family – two was always going to be the right number. But now that LP is six and Little Man is four I know with certainty that we…