Best Times to Visit Dubai – Month-by-Month Guide

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Some of the most amazing travel attractions, whether for adventurous souls, romantic couples, or families on vacation, can be found in Dubai. While Dubai enchants visitors with a plethora of experiences, planning your vacation to Dubai requires thoughtful planning. The city has sunny days all year round as it is a desert city. However, because it also has the Persian Gulf and the Hajar Mountains in its topography, the summers vary throughout the year, and there are many months of the year when outdoor activities can be enjoyed comfortably due to the lower temperatures.  Refer to this guide know about the best times to visit Dubai month-by-month.


Climate: Pleasant – 18°C to 24°C with few rainy days.

Tourist Season: Peak

Known as winter time of Dubai, January in Dubai is neither hot, nor cold, but perfect for exploring without turning into a melting like ice cream in the sun. There are chances of rain, so pack accordingly. Since January is the month with the highest tourist traffic, the holiday budget still needs to be on the higher side. Nonetheless, exploring outdoor attractions is enjoyable.

Best experiences:

  • Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Desert Safari Dubai Tours
  • Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Adventure sports – skydiving, ziplining, water sports.


Climate: Pleasant – temperature between 19°C to 25°C, few rainy days.

Tourist Season: Peak

February has an after-party-like ambience and winds up the festive flair of Dubai. The climate is pleasant with not much change in the temperature compared to January and is amazing to enjoy the outdoor attractions and excursions. Chinese New Year is the only festival that adds a dash of the exuberance of festive spirit at Dubai Mall and in the Chinese community residing in Dubai. 

Best experiences:

  • Chinatown at Dubai Mall for Chinese New Year events
  • Sikka Art Festival
  • Hatta Wadi Adventures
  • Al Qudra Lakes
  • ​​Dubai International Boatshow


Climate: Pleasant, slightly humid. Temperatures between 21°C to 28°C

Tourist Season: Peak

March is the grand finale of pleasant months in Dubai and is often tagged as springtime in Dubai. It is the last month with cool and comfortable ambiences but starts to hint that the summer heat is going to dial up its extreme levels. It prompts you to explore the outdoor attractions before the scorching summers begin in Dubai. Ramadan months fall between March and April, so watch out for the dates to make sure you get to enjoy the attraction you are looking forward to visiting.

Best experiences:

  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Dubai World Cup. 
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts
  • Cultural experiences at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood


Climate: Rise in temperatures between 25°C to 32°C.

Tourist Season: Shoulder

April in Dubai is like the city’s gentle reminder that summer is about to turn up the heat. The temperatures rise around 25°C to 32°C. April is the transition month where you opt for indoor attractions and events more than outdoor excursions. However, the beaches and waterparks are perfect spots to enjoy some splashy fun with friends and families. 

Best experiences:

  • Water park thrills at Aquaventure Water Park and Aquafun
  • Dubai Food Festival
  • Dubai Comedy Festival
  • Eid Al Fitr Celebrations
  • Global Village


Climate: Hot, high temperatures between 28°C to 35°C. 

Tourist Season: Low

May is the onset of summer in Dubai. The temperature rises to cause balmy weather and you might feel that some days are best for indoor attractions and some are perfect days for outdoor experiences. You can lather up some sunscreen and hit the luxe beach clubs during late sunny afternoons and enjoy the sundowner experience.

Best experiences:

  • Beach Club experiences
  • World Art Dubai
  • AYA Universe
  • Overnight Glamping Desert Safaris


Climate: High temperatures between 31°C to 38°C.

Tourist Season: Low

It’s officially scorching summertime in Dubai with temperatures touching 38°C! Dubai gets into easy mode as tourist starts trickling down. Though outdoor attractions are uncomfortable to explore in stifling heat, most landmark attractions see fewer crowds making it easier to access. You can book Burj Khalifa tickets online to enjoy the Dubai vistas from above without the crowds. To save more time at top attractions like the Museum of the Future and the Dubai Opera, book your tickets ahead of time.

Best experiences:

  • Dubai Mall
  • Inside Burj Al Arab Tour
  • Dubai Frame
  • Museum of the Future


Climate: Scorching temperatures between 36°C to 43°C

Tourist Season: Low

The desert sun scorches the city making it uncomfortable to explore. However, the city’s air-conditioned wonders – from mega malls to indoor theme parks, invite you to have a fun-filled time. The low season adds to the appeal with slashed accommodation and attraction rates. Take advantage of it but ensure you select indoor experiences for your holiday.

Best experiences:

  • IMG Worlds of Adventures
  • Ski Dubai
  • Dubai Opera
  • The Theatre of Digital Art
  • Dubai Summer Surprises events


Climate: Mildly warm temperatures between 33°C to 40°C,

Tourist Season: Low

August continues to be warm and sunny, but don’t let the heat stop the fun! Indoor fun still is your best option when you visit the city in August. However, you can go for early morning or evening activities once the intensity of the heat fades away.

Best experiences:

  • Early morning Hot Air ballooning experiences
  • Dubai Summer Surprise Events
  • Limousine Dubai City Tour


Climate: Pleasant, slightly humid with temperatures between 31°C to 35°C

Tourist Season: Shoulder

The temperature ebbs down to give a bit of respite from the heat The warm waters of the Persian Gulf are perfect for quick dips and swims. The city is still gearing up to open for the next travel season, so September is the last month to enjoy low rates for travel holidays.

Best experiences:

  • Stroll or swim at Dubai’s impressive beaches
  • Watersports and beach activities at Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah


Climate: Pleasant temperatures between 27°C to 35°C

Tourist Season: Shoulder

October in Dubai welcomes you to blue skies, cool breeze and warm sunshine. The weather is pleasant for outdoor attractions once again as the temperature continues to dip lower. The city comes alive with seasonal attractions and events and welcomes guests to mix and match indoor and outdoor experiences.

Best experiences:

  • Global Village
  • Dubai Fitness Challenge
  • Hop on Hop off City Tours


Climate: Pleasant temperatures between 24°C to 30°C

Tourist Season: Peak

It’s officially outdoor season in Dubai – Time to gear up for adventures and expeditions in Dubai and take advantage of pleasant sunny days in the emirate. Dubai slowly coming back to hosting big events and festivities. This is the time to explore everything under the sun in Dubai!

Best experiences:

  • Enjoy outings in Dubai’s verdant parks
  • Dubai Creek and Dubai Souk
  • Dubai Safari Park
  • Dhow Cruises in Dubai Marina
  • Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence


Climate: Cool temperatures between 21°C to 27°C 

Tourist Season: Peak

The festive spirit is back and Dubai gears up for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  The New Year vibe clubs along with the extravagant Dubai Shopping Festival. Visiting Dubai in December is like stepping into a lavish party scene! 

Best experiences:

  • UAE National Day Celebration
  • Gala Dinners New Year’s Eve Parties and Fireworks  throughout the city
  • Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Sole DXB


Hope this clears your doubt on when is the best time to go to Dubai. To sum it up, Dubai has a lot to offer all year round. When choosing a time to visit Dubai, your interests and budget are the deciding factors. But if you want to have a good time and take full advantage of the outdoor experiences, events, and celebrations, book your trip between December and March. Nonetheless, the remaining months of the year are the most affordable months to travel, and Dubai offers its visitors some incredible indoor attractions to enjoy.

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