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This week’s Beginning of Us comes from Kelly Allen, a lovely blogger who writes about all aspects of family life with her two gorgeous children. She has a dog, home educates and has a really eclectic blog that is sure to have something you would love to read about. You can find Kelly on Twitter and Facebook – and here she is to share her story:

You know when life seems to have give you all the heartache you can take, so you take your weary feet to the nearest pub to recover? It was on one of those days (I mean nights) I met the man I would marry.

I was in Cardiff with a very good friend, sipping on pitchers of beer when I met Warren. All 6’2” inches of him! We talked, laughed, got very drunk and when we parted ways we exchanged numbers.

I actually couldn’t remember what he looked like the next day, but for some reason that morning I felt compelled to see him again, so we arranged our very first ‘date’. It was a lovely date with lots of kissing! But the romance wasn’t to last and after a month or two, commitment­phobic me had pushed him away.

Looking back I know it had to happen for us to be where we are now, but at the time it hurt because I truly cared about him. I suppose that’s the problem with being hurt time and time again, when you get to the ‘one’ you push them away.

Six months later I’d moved away to study in Aberystwyth. Christmas was fast approaching and suddenly I felt it. The pull. My heart and head had finally aligned and the next day Warren was at my door. We talked, ate and drank and it just felt right. I felt I belonged, I felt safe and in the company of someone who I could finally trust.

We visited each other over the next six months and then moved in together the following July. We were and are head over heels for each other, so we decided to get married in the December! Time flew, we wed, I passed my Masters and we found out we were going to have a baby, all in the space of three days!

Seven years into our marriage and I’m getting goosebumps just writing this. I’m just so glad I had one of those awful times where life gives you heartache and you go to the pub for a pint. If it hadn’t I would never have met the man I married.


Thanks Kelly for sharing your story. It’s a complete case of right place, right time and I am so glad you found yourself in that pub that night – even if it was heartache that brought you there!

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