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Well, the children have been back at school for a few weeks now and I’d like to say that we’re in a nice routine and loving every minute of it. But, honestly, it’s been hard.

The mornings are so dark, the children are so tired and getting up and ready for school is such a drama day after day. We are definitely living for the weekends.

LP and Little Man love school and as soon as we get to school they are absolutely fine but in the mornings they take such a long time to wake up, they don’t want to go to school and they would rather do anything than put their uniform on and clean their teeth.

But, when they’re finally ready and we get in the car, everything changes. They read books, chat and sing along to the radio until it’s time for school. And then we walk through the gates, holding hands and it feels like balance has been restored.

At the end of the day they come out smiling, happy and so pleased to see me before we go home for a couple of hours together before dinner, bath and bed.

We’re in a routine, and it’s fine. But the mornings are hard and I’ll be so, so glad when the mornings start getting brighter, the children can wake up more naturally and you never know, they may even smile before we leave for school each day.

The Ordinary Moments

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  • Oh my goodness I soooo relate to this post. We need lighter mornings and lighter nights as the children and us adults are exhausted. It feels like such a slog to get up each day at present.

  • This time of year is hard for getting ready for school isn’t it! When my alarm goes off it still feels like it is the middle of the night. I’m longing for Spring and light mornings now.

  • I am with you on the dark mornings. Neither of mine ever want to go to nursery or school. I can still remember Kippers face this morning when he realised it was Friday and his day off!! His little eyes lit up. Breaks my heart. But it will be so much better as it gets lighter. x