Choosing Clothes {The Ordinary Moments}

LP has always worn whatever outfit I got out for her the night before. Sometimes there was a disagreement during getting dressed but this was down to LP not wanting to get dressed rather than her wanting to wear something different. Recently though I haven’t been getting clothes out the night before and instead I get clothes out of LP’s wardrobe when I go and get her up in the morning.

Choosing Clothes {The Ordinary Moments}

For the last couple of weeks, when I’ve been getting LP’s clothes out in the morning, LP has passed comment on the clothes – shaking her head, Hmmmm-ing or saying “Nice!”. I’ve now started getting two outfits out each day and asking her which she wants to wear. She always chooses one and most of the time gets dressed happily. We also have a set of coat hooks attached to the side of her wardrobe so after we’ve chosen clothes to wear she’ll hang them on the side of her wardrobe until we need them for getting dressed.

Choosing Clothes {The Ordinary Moments}

LP loves this new routine. When I get her up now she says “Hi Mummy!” followed by “Clothes to wear!” and sits patiently on her bed until we have clothes picked out. Seeing LP’s personality develop to another level and for her to make clear, defined choices is amazing. LP really is an incredible little person and it won’t be long before we’re shopping for clothes together rather than just choosing which ones to wear.

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  1. This is so sweet, it is lovely how they are really becoming their own little people. We still pick stuff out for Mads but a couple of times recently, especially when it comes to dresses, she has said she doesn’t want to wear it. Maybe she is becoming a tom boy! x


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