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Whether you live in southern England in places like Camberley or much further north, such as in Stirling in Scotland, buying tyres online often makes the process simpler. Regardless of whether you are more used to commuting on the M9 to Edinburgh or the M3 to London, picking the right tyres for your make and model of car should be child’s play if you order them over the internet. Conversely, simply driving to a tyre fitting centre and asking for replacements often means having to accept the compatible tyres that happen to be in stock. Of course, you might be in luck and they could have the very tyres you are after but, there again, they may not.

Buying your tyres online seems to be the perfect solution to avoid disappointment. However, this does not mean that you should proceed without any further considerations. Read on to discover more about the pros and cons of purchasing car tyres from internet sellers and the things you should be most aware of.

Choose a Reputable Seller

Not all websites and online marketplaces are as trustworthy as they may seem at first glance. Always look at the testimonials of other customers and make sure you are happy that the seller has a solid online reputation. If possible, order from an internet seller which also has a brick-and-mortar store or tyre fitting centre as well as their online operation. This tends to mean that you will be buying from a genuine business with a reputation to maintain. For example, buying the right tyres in Stirling is easy when you book them at Fife Autocentre. You can also have them fitted for you when they have arrived in stock, if you want which is ideal for most motorists.

Select Correctly Fitting Tyres

Not all the tyres you will see online are compatible with your car. Even if you see a deal that looks unbeatable, it will only be worth it if the tyres can be fitted to your vehicle. Make sure the tyres you are choosing have the same width as your current set. This means the first three numbers of your tyres’ code – to be found on the sidewall of each tyre – should match. If you are in doubt, look up the tyre code and check for compatibility.

Check the Speed Rating

Depending on your needs as a motorist, you might want tyres that have a higher speed rating. Your car can only be driven as fast as the lowest-rated tyre. Before placing an online order, check the final letter of the tyre’s code to make sure it is fast enough for your needs.

Confirm the Tyre’s Status

It might sound odd, but not all tyres for sale online are genuinely brand new. Some sellers will try to pass off nearly new tyres that may have been driven on a couple of hundred miles already as new. Some may even be much older and marketed as part-worn. These can seem like bargains but they seldom are. Indeed, part-worn tyres could even have insufficient tread and not be legal to drive on, once fitted. If you’re buying online, opt for new tyres and make sure they are as described.

Check for Delivery Options

Whether you are on holiday in Scotland or visiting family friends in Surrey, you’ll need to ensure the tyres can be delivered where you need them. Some tyre sellers offer deliveries to any UK location but others may not serve destinations in Northern Ireland or the Scottish Isles, for example. Make sure you can have your order sent to your mechanic or tyre fitter if that’s where you intend to have them fitted. Alternatively, have them sent to your home and book a mobile tyre fitting service.


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