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I have loved Capri-Sun for years. I remember the drinks being such a treat as a child and in my early adult years, when plastic bottles and cans were banned at concerts, I would take a bag full of Capri-Sun pouches in with me instead. They were the perfect drinks to keep me refreshed on a day out or at an event. Capri-Sun have always been so refreshing, so easy to store and always available in the shops – from supermarkets to our local newsagent when I was a child. Because of our love of Capri-Sun they are something that we introduced to the children a couple of years ago as a real treat on a day out and now the children ask for Capri-Sun pouches regularly as their drink of choice.

Win a Family Day Out with Capri-Sun! (Competition now closed)

But now, Capri-Sun Original has had a makeover – it now has 50% less sugar than before and still has nothing artificial in it. This means that LP and Little Man can enjoy their same cherished drinks and I can be happy in the knowledge that they contain only sugar from a natural source – and less sugar too.

Win a Family Day Out with Capri-Sun! (Competition now closed)

Throughout the summer we have picnics a few times a week and Capri-Sun is a go-to choice for in the cool bag. But, if we’re going on a long day out we freeze some of the pouches the night before, making them into handy ice packs and also keeping them cold all day – letting the children have a lovely cold drink whenever they want it. But, Capri-Sun pouches don’t need to be refrigerated, making them a great choice for a day out or weekend away. We often keep a box in the car so that we always have drinks at hand and the children are happy to drink them cold or at room temperature – making them such a versatile drink option and taking some of that stress out of parenting too.

Win a Family Day Out with Capri-Sun! (Competition now closed)

We often have Capri-Sun at barbecues and gatherings in the garden – the pouches are always so popular with the children’s friends and cousins plus, adults love them too! Since we started having the Capri-Sun Original 50% Less Sugar, Nothing artificial range the children haven’t noticed any difference to their usual drinks – and Dave and I haven’t either.

Win a Family Day Out with Capri-Sun! (Competition now closed)

The drinks taste just as refreshing and fruity as they always have done which is definitely a thumbs up for us. There is nothing worse than loving something only for the recipe to be changed and not enjoying it anymore but, with Capri-Sun, it’s the great taste we’ve loved for years – but now with much less sugar.

Win a Family Day Out with Capri-Sun! (Competition now closed)

Just like the Original, the new recipe Capri-Sun Original contains no preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours. And Capri-Sun have removed 50% of the sugar by using Stevia – a sweetener that comes from a natural source. It’s great to see a brand developing their range to include more varieties with a reduced sugar content. It really makes it easier for us as parents to make better choices to ensure our families live healthier lives whilst having as much carefree fun as possible.

Win a Family Day Out with Capri-Sun! (Competition now closed)

This year Capri-Sun has teamed up with Legoland, offering free entry to children by using the promotion on Capri-Sun packs. There are still a few of these packs out there – and Legoland is pretty much our favourite place, you would have an incredible family day out there over the summer and I know we’ll be going at least once over the holidays too. I’m sure when we visit Capri-Sun will be firmly packed in our picnic to enjoy on our day out.

Win a Family Day Out with Capri-Sun! (Competition now closed)

But, in case you missed the promotional packs, how would you fancy winning a family trip for 4 people (2 adults, 2 children aged between 3 – 15 years) to either Legoland Windsor, Legoland Discovery Centre Birmingham or Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester which includes a two day pass, overnight stay in a hotel and £200 spending money?

Win a Family Day Out with Capri-Sun! (Competition now closed)

This sounds amazing doesn’t it? So, to put your name in the hat and have a chance to win this fantastic prize just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below – good luck!

T&Cs: Promotion open to GB and Isle of Man residents only, aged 16+ 1 . Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian when participating in the prize. Promotion opens 02 July 2018 and closes 15 July 2018. Prize must be booked by 03 August 2018 and taken by 31 May 2019. Prize: One family trip for 4 people (2 adults, 2 children aged between 3 – 15 years) to either LEGOLAND© Windsor, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham or LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester – includes a two day pass, overnight stay in a hotel and £200 spending money. Winning entry will be selected by random draw.

(Competition now closed)


  • Donna Wishart

    Donna Wishart is married to Dave and they have two children, Athena (12) and Troy (11). They live in Surrey with their two cats, Fred and George. Once a Bank Manager, Donna has been writing about everything from family finance to days out, travel and her favourite recipes since 2012. Donna is happiest either exploring somewhere new, with her camera in her hand and family by her side or snuggled up with a cat on her lap, reading a book and enjoying a nice cup of tea. She firmly believes that tea and cake can fix most things.

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  1. We have never visited Legoland so I think my children would be fascinated by all of the attractions xxx

  2. We would love to go to Legoland Windsor – it’s a long way from us so we would definitely need a night in a hotel too. What a brilliant prize!

  3. What a fab giveaway. We’ve always wanted to go to Legoland! We love Capri Sun too, I didn’t know they had reduced the sugar. That’s so cool.

  4. I would love to visit Legoland Windsor, went a lot when I was a child but am yet to take my girls!

  5. I’ve been promising the kids I’ll take them to Legoland Windsor for ages, we’re desperate to go! I haven’t been since my brother was little and he’s 22 now!! ? So we’d definitely go there! Brilliant giveaway, fingers crossed!! Xx

  6. I’d visit Legoland Windsor.
    I went as a kid and enjoyed it thoroughly. You don’t notice the cracks. Now I’d take my kids. I didn’t grow up with Lego in my house but would go to my grandad who lived less than a minute away and enjoyed it a lot. Now my kids have Lego and I’m surprised how much they both play with it. Well, not really.

  7. We would love to visit the Windsor site if I’m the lucky winner. We have wanted to go for ages, but as non drivers that live quite a distance away, it would have to be an overnight stay and it’s just so expensive!

  8. Duplo Valley looks fantastic, would definitely be appreciated in this beautiful weather we are having

  9. We’ve not been since the new Ninjago attraction was installed so that would be our first visit!

  10. Really excited about the Birmingham one opening – it’s really close for us! The splash park looks good

  11. LOVE to visit MINILAND at LEGO WINDSOR – so exciting to see the most iconic landmarks from across the world!

  12. We’d love a trip to Legoland Windsor. It’s always been out of our price range, so this would be a once in a childhood opportunity – we’d definitely be heading straight to the Ninjago zone!

  13. Legoland Windsor and especially to see Ninjago Land first! Many thanks for this fantastic giveaway.

  14. As we have never been we would look forward to visiting them all – I would like to see mini land

  15. I love the miniature World, I could quite happily spend all day there if only I could trust the grandchildren to go off on their own and not get hurt

  16. We have been to Legoland with our two sons and they absoloulty loved it (despite the torrential rain!) but as i was pregnant i couldn’t enjoy many of the rides with them. We would love to visit again with our little girl now that she is here. She would love the submarine ride! And living in Devon and overnight stay would be amazing.

  17. Anything to do with NINJAGO! We have been Brick live and have a AWESOME pic of my boys with a model of them! They have always wanted to go Lego Land so THANKS ever so much for the wonderful chance! all steps above are complete! We have our NINJA- Fingerscrossed 🙂

  18. My two boys are Lego-crazy. SERIOUSLY. The little one even takes it to bed with him. They might just explode if they go to LegoLand (and to be honest I might too!)

  19. Legoland is one of my favourite places. My youngest child hasn’t got to go there properly yet so would love to take him on to Atlantis to show him the fish.

  20. we have been to the Discovery Center in Manchester a few times, its quite near to our house, would love to visit Windsor

  21. We love Legoland Windsor but would love to visit the new Legoland Discovery Centre in Birmingham

  22. Love to take my daughter to Legoland Windsor with a backpack full of Orange CapriSun for our adventures.

  23. would love to take my grandaughter to Legoland Windsor, its only up the road from me but we have never been.

  24. I would love to visit Legoland Windsor, its an area in the country I have always planned to visited, the family would love it.

  25. We’ve never been to lego land before but it looks amazing and the kids have always wanted to go x

  26. The 4d theatre! I’ve always wanted to take my kids to Legoland, I’ve wanted to go for years! The splash play park looks amazing too!

  27. My son is obsessed with building things out of Lego so I’m sure he’d want to do that all day rather than go on any rides!

  28. Legoland is an awesome experience. Wish it had existed when I was a kid (the Windsor site was a safari park back then), but I’m glad I can take my kids there now.

  29. Fire Academy looks like great fun! I would love to have a go at shooting the water blasters there!

  30. I would actually like to see the village made out of lego. My kids would be heading straight for the rollercoasters!

  31. My son has wanted to go to Legoland Windsor for a few years so it would be incredible to surprise him and his little sister with this!

  32. My son has always wanted to go to Legoland Windsor so I’d love to surprise him and his little sister!

  33. My two children and I would love to visit LegoLand Windsor please!! Great competition thank you for the chance!!

  34. It would be amazing to get the chance to go to legoland windsor with my children. when i was younger i used to love the panning for gold so would be great to do that now with my children.

  35. My son loves the Atlantis submarine and he would love the new Ninjago ride too – fingers crossed

  36. Legoland Windsor – kids were desperate to go on the Mia’s Riding Adventure when we went last year but the queue was too long!

  37. Great blog, so easy to read! Hopefully see you there with our supplies of Capri-Sun too! We freeze them the night before so by the time we come to drink them they are refreshingly cold.

    I just know my husband and I would enjoy LEGOLAND as much as our children!

    We would go to LEGOLAND Windsor for an action packed couple of days.

  38. We have visited Legoland Windsor once but there was too much to do in one day. We didn’t get a chance to try out The Dragon, so would love to go back and give it a go. Particularly as my son is now tall enough to get on it!

  39. Legoland Windsor would be absolutely amazing experience! My two grandsons are always talking about it but we have never been lucky enough to visit, oh gosh they would be made up!!

  40. My granddaughter loves Legoland Windsor so this would be perfect for a birthday treat, fingers crossed 🙂

  41. Would love to visit the learn to drive activity . I think my son is a budding racing car driver lol

  42. Legoland Windsor would be amazing the Vikings River Splash sounds like great fun especially in the hot weather xx

  43. Its many years since we last went to legoland and the thing i enjoyed most was the mini towns they were so realistic. amazing place.

  44. would love to visit and stay over at Legoland Windsor! My son is a mega lego fan and he’d love the star wars section they’ve got there

  45. Would be great to take our daughter to LEGOLand Windsor. She’s a massive LEGO Friends fan & I know we’d have a fun day out.

  46. Lego City, specifically for the driving school. I remember when I did it as a child and would be brilliant to take the kids to do it too

  47. I think the Lego models fascinate the children most. I remember the eldest trying to recreate them after our one and only visit years ago

  48. It would have to be Legoland Windsor! We have never been before but my children really want to go so fingers crossed 🙂

  49. I would love take my Grandsons to Legoland Windsor, it would be their first time and I know they would be blown away by all the attractions

  50. Would LOVE to visit Legoland Atlantis submarine voyage when visiting Legoland Windsor. Visiting ‘the bottom of the sea’ would be so cool! Kids would be out of their minds!!!

  51. I’ve always wanted to take the kids to the Splash Park at Legoland Windsor. It is the furthest Legoland from us but would be so worth it…also I’ve seen they sell LEGO Fries there…really want to try them ?

  52. Oh my goodness this is an Incredible prize!!
    We would have to go to Lego land Windsor, how exciting! Happy Summer 🙂

  53. Driving school – i failed miserably as a kid, and at 28 I still haven’t got an adult license- haha

  54. Would love to see all of it! Keep promising the kids we will take them so this would be amazing!

  55. Love to visit Legoland Windsor with. My grandchildren they are massive Lego fans the younger ones would like the driving school and the boat rides the older one the Star Wars they would all love the beach and water play

  56. I would love to take my twin boys to Legoland Windsor and see the Ninjago area although the Land of the Vikings sounds like fun x

  57. Heartlake City because it’s got the Lego Friends and my daughter really likes them (plus the added bonus of ice cream)!

  58. I would love to treat my family to Windsor. We have never been to Legoland yet but my son has been asking. Thank you very much for the chance x

  59. Legoland Windsor, and I think my grandson would enjoy the viking experience, not sure where the girls would head to first, though?

  60. I would absolutely love to visit Legoland Windsor. We have visited just for the day but there is so much there that it would be amazing to spend the night and have two days there!

  61. Either Birmingham or Windsor would be fantastic as I’ve never been to either! The splash park sounds fab!!!

  62. We would love to go to Legoland Windsor, and visit the Drench Towers as they sound like a great way to have fun and keep cool in this summer heat. Thanks for the chance to win x

  63. My sons would love every part of Legoland but I’m sure a favourite would be Ninjago Land, they love the film. Awesome prize, keeping my fingers crossed x

  64. We’d love to try out Drench Towers! It looks totally awesome and the kiddies love water they’d enjoy this so much.

  65. When we went the kids enjoyed spotting the lego models dotted around the place.
    Their favourite was the Knights’ Castle

  66. Any they all look amazing my son would be so excited as we planned this for his birthday next year can imagine he would love ninjago xx

  67. I’d visit Legoland Windsor we haven’t been for a few years and I know my daughter would love the train that goes around the park

  68. We’ve never been so we would love to see all the new attractions at any venue. Probably windsor.

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