Conquering Shyness for Kids – and Win!

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Shyness can cause so many issues for kids and block them in so many ways.  Today’s guest post looks at this issue and offers tips to help a child conquer shyness.

Conquering Shyness for Kids

About Create Your Own Confidence 

Create Your Own Confidence is a new book by wellbeing author and children’s psychotherapist Becky Goddard-Hill. It is part of a series of wellbeing books for 6–12-year-olds designed to boost kids’ emotional health. 

The book contains 50 topics such as confident body language, accepting compliments and asking for help. Each topic is underpinned by science and research and includes an exciting activity for a child to put their learning into practice. 

Here is an extract around conquering shyness:

Feeling shy

Over 50% of people say they are shy. This means people are more likely to understand and support you if you explain that you are feeling shy because most likely they know how it feels.

How it works 

Scientists have discovered 15% of babies are born with a tendency toward shyness. Even if you were born shy though there are still things you can do to overcome it.

5 ways to overcome shyness

  1. Choose an affirmation (a positive statement) like ‘I can handle this’ and repeat it silently in your head when you feel shy. It will remind you that you are strong. 
  2. Wear a big smile – it helps others see past the fact you are blushing or quiet and lets them know you are  warm and friendly 
  3. Rehearse your opening line – Knowing what you are going to say first stops you feeling panicky
  4. Think about when you have been shy before but then had an amazing time and take that confidence that it will all be okay with you 
  5. Realize it is okay to feel awkward but do it anyway. Don’t let feeling shy stop you or you’ll never get past it. 

Activity  – so much more than shy 

Think of 10 positive words other people use to describe you (ask them if you struggle) words like funny, kind, friendly. 

Make a list of these words and keep it safe.

When you are facing a new situation and worry you might be shy, read this list beforehand – maybe even pop it in your pocket and take it with you. Remind yourself you are so much more than shy. 

Create your own confidence is out now

Conquering Shyness for Kids

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  1. My step daughter struggles with anxiety and her confidence is so low, she is getting support but maybe something like this may help too.

  2. My son has very little confidence. If I was to ask him something like “what is your favourite colour?” then he would ask me back “what is your favourite colour mummy?” and then repeat the colours I said. He hates not fitting in, scared to be different and scared to stand out. He has always been a follower in his class, never a leader and he spends a lot of time with the teachers rather than his classmates. So I would love to go through this book with him so he learn how be brave and ambitious

  3. My daughter has been really struggling recently she has autism and is finding it really difficult to fit in and find friends would love to try help her build enough confidence to make friends

  4. I have 2 daughters so would love to win for them. My youngest is usually full of confidence but is starting a new school soon and is starting to worry about not knowing anyone so these would be great. My other daughter is just a year older and really suffers with her confidence. She is very shy and a constant worrier. I really think these would be great for her too.

  5. I would love to win this for my nephew. He starts secondary school later this year and struggles around new people.

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