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As a family we have always spent quite a lot of time in the car – having little holidays, seeing friends around the country and having days out. Not a day goes by when we aren’t in the car for at least part of it and at the weekends we’ll often spend a couple of hours in the car finding somewhere new to explore.

Our Road Trip Adventures

This is the way it has always been for the children – they are very much used to car journeys and the car is full of all their home comforts to make the journey as nice as possible for them. One of the best things we did was invest in DVD players for the car which always help to keep them amused on long journeys and we tend to put them on for any journey over an hour. The children watch the same movie and it’s lovely to drive along, hearing them laugh at the same points and seeing their faces every so often in the rear view mirror.

Other times, when the journey is slightly shorter, we might give the children a new magazine to read or LP will take her favourite book with her, happily reading in the car. But, one thing that is always consistent is that they always have snacks and a drink with them – and apparently there are no better snacks than car snacks!

The children rarely complain on our journeys and if they start to get bored we’ll play games like eye spy or the alphabet game and they’ll happily spot letters on car number plates or look for the next car of a certain colour. It’s amazing how entertaining a car journey can be if you put a little thought into it.

Our Road Trip Adventures

Over the next few months we have a lot of driving adventures planner – with trips to Wales, Scotland and maybe even France too as LP really wants to go to Paris. I know that even on a journey like that we’ll be able to keep the children entertained with a combination of DVD players, magazines, snacks and games and we’ll make sure that we have car breakdown cover and car insurance that covers us abroad too – there would be nothing worse than breaking down or having an accident with children when we’re in a foreign country, that really would need us to crank our entertainment skills up a notch!

For us – and the children – travelling by car is a way of life. It’s a natural part of our routine and we’ll often choose to travel by car instead of getting public transport. After all, we have a car, it always has a tank full of petrol and it’s ready to go – so why wouldn’t we make the most of it? Plus, we can have our own music on, have the temperature set just right and can have a whole boot full of things to take with us too. We are definitely a family that loves a road trip – and I just wonder where our next adventure will take us.

Our Road Trip Adventures


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