Venturing Outside {The Ordinary Moments}

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We are so happy that it’s now half term and we have a week off from school at home. Each week the home learning seems to get more of a slog, the children work slower and all our enthusiasm reduces so a week off will really help us to pick things back up again.

The last week we decided to venture out of the house for the first time since schools closed. We’ve now been out of the house three times, just to the local park, and it is getting easier the more we do it.

We go to the park and scoot, throw a frisbee or fly a kite. We’re also trying to teach the children to ride bikes without stabilisers – something that we have just never got around to doing previously.

It’s definitely nice to have a change of scenery and the short trips out have helped restore a little bit of faith in other people. Everyone we have passed has been socially distant, stopping for us to go past or vice versa. It’s been fine and I’ve really appreciated that.

So the children like having something new in their routine. Being able to go for a walk or a scoot if we want to. It’s still not something we’re doing every day but it’s nice to have the option whereas the children just didn’t want to go out before.

We’re not venturing further afield though. Every country park, forest or lake near us are beauty hotspots. Many still have car parks closed and none have public toilets open so it makes sense for us to stay at home and stay locally if we do venture out until things have settled a bit more.

The Ordinary Moments

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5 thoughts on “Venturing Outside {The Ordinary Moments}”

  1. It is nice to get outside. Looks like you guys are having fun. We don’t have half term here as our summer usually starts next month. Hope you have a good week off. Hugs xx

  2. You’ve just reminded me about our kite – we must get it out and go fly a kite! It is getting easier I guess. Still, it scares the pants off me leaving the house.

  3. Ah, learning to ride bikes without stabilsiers. Both mine can do that anyway so we’ve done a bit of cycling while the roads have been quieter but it sure is the right time to get off four wheels and on to two. Hope you’re enjoying getting out the house a little bit.


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