Tunnel Love {The Ordinary Moments}

Children don’t need expensive toys, they don’t need a lot of things to play with but even so most families have a house full of play things. Our house is like a toy explosion and yet a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist buying a tunnel for LP and LM to play with. We’d been to an event in London where there had been a tunnel and they both loved it so a few days later I made the £12 tunnel investment.

Tunnel Love {The Ordinary Moments}

Thankfully the tunnel pops up and can be stored easily although we haven’t collapsed it since we bought it – The children just love it so much! We play with the tunnel indoors, outdoors and any time of the day. Little Man loves it, LP loves it and they can play with it individually or both together – One going in one end and one going in the other!

Tunnel Love {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man loves taking things from one end of the tunnel to the other in his mouth, sitting in the tunnel to watch TV or just having a lay down in it – I think he’d live in it if he could! The delight on his little one year old face every time he sees the tunnel is amazing, I love how happy it makes him!

Tunnel Love {The Ordinary Moments}

I think a tunnel will now be my fail safe 1st Birthday gift. It’s a toy that will last for a good couple of years, can be used everywhere and makes children so incredibly happy and excited. What’s not to love about a tunnel?!

Tunnel Love {The Ordinary Moments}


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  1. What a great tunnel! Bet there will be hours of fun had in there and as they grow it will grow and evolve with them. It can be so many things not just a tunnel. Brilliant photos looks like great fun. Have a fab Sunday. x

  2. Cute photos of him the the tunnel they are such a great toy for young ones. Lucas got one for his first birthday and he still plays in it now, mostly outside though as he can create too much chaos in the house, his favourite trick is to stand up with him inside it and run round…eek! xx

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