Today is the last day… of Redhead Babyled

Redhead Babyled and I have been through so much since I launched it back in August 2013. This blog has been a place for me to write, to vent, to review and to share the love. It’s been my space online, my third baby, my only hobby.

I have loved blogging, have been welcomed into the blogging community and have tried to play as active a part in it as possible. I have made so many friends, spoken to so many people and found a whole world that I never knew existed 18 months ago.

For me, Redhead Babyled was the start of something. It was the start of what has become a big part of my life. But when I started Redhead Babyled I didn’t put much thought into the name, I cannot be ‘Babyled’ forever, and for this reason today marks the last day of Redhead Babyled.

As of tomorrow this blog will divert over to my new one – all the content will be copied over but it will have a shiny new name, shiny new URL and an even shinier new blog design thanks to Zoe! I’m sad to see Redhead Babyled go, we have had good times, experienced so much and learnt so much together but it is the end of an era and tomorrow the next chapter starts. 2015 will be an exciting one!

Today is the last day... of Redhead Babyled

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