New Year = New Blog!

Happy New Year everyone! I am excited to start this new year with a sparkly new blog. Move over Redhead Babyled, there’s a new kid on the block.

So here we go, a new blog, a new design (thanks Zoe!) and a slightly new direction. The aim of this new space of mine is to veer a little away from babies – as LP and Little Man are definitely not babies anymore. I want to do more food and lifestyle posts to vary the content a little bit but deep down this will be the same space it has always been – me, writing about… stuff.

I’m looking forward to this new chapter. I don’t see this blog name changing ever again and that’s exciting for me – it will be great to have a permanent space that can grow with us as a family. I’m planning on updating the header image every year or so, whenever it starts to feel dated but apart from that I’m looking forward to this new start.

Here’s to a new year and a new blog – What the Redhead said.

New Year = New Blog!

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