Pez {The Ordinary Moments}

Pez dispensers. They are something that I remember so fondly from my own childhood, sitting and watching a movie, eating sweets from my Pez dispenser one after the other. Then, it would be empty and it would take me longer to put a new pack of sweets in than it did to actually eat the sweets. Oh those were the days.

Pez {The Ordinary Moments}

But now, over twenty five years later and LP and Little Man have their own Pez dispensers. They love them like nothing else and are constantly asking for a new pack of sweets – which I then have to put in the machine for them, ready to be pushed out the top.

It’s amazing that something so simple, and something so cheap that they now sell them in Primark, can make the children so happy. We have a jar of Pez sweets on the kitchen side and every so often they’ll have a pack of sweets from it, eating them so quickly that it couldn’t really have been worth putting them in the dispenser in the first place!

Children love sweets but sweets that come out the top of a tacky plastic machine? They are like a child’s dream come true. Sweets and plastic tat is pretty much a match made in heaven and it’s nice to see that the simple things I loved as a child LP and Little Man now love too.

Who’d have thought that so many years later something as simple as Pez could still be a thing, that children could still be enjoying it? It really is the simple things that make LP and Little Man’s world go round and their cartoon character and superhero dispensers make them so happy. Now, we just need to remember to keep the Pez jar full!

Pez {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. I never really understood the attraction when I was younger but my sister would demolish a pack so quickly and the pez container glued to her side with or without sweets in it. J loves them too but she ends up bouncing off the walls if she has them so it’s a very rare occurrence x

  2. Oh my goodness I loved Pez too when I was young and it is so lovely that you can still get them. My daughter has the Elsa one which we bought in America and she loves it, although I think I ate most of the sweets.

  3. This brings back a ton of memories! I used to have a brilliant Pez dispenser collection. Wonder if I can dig it out! Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re stuck in a box in the loft somewhere.

    Great snaps again 🙂

  4. I’m not sure these were out when I was little, if they were I don’t remember them. My kids like them, but not as keen on the sweets. They use it as a toy. Lovely photos and they look pleased with theirs xx

  5. I totally remember these too and noticed them last time we were in primark haha – my kids were nagging but it was a big fat “no”! I can tots see why your’s love them though xx #ordinarymoments

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