Our Little Picasso {The Ordinary Moments}

LP was bought an easel for her third Birthday and since then we have been embracing messy play although on any usual day she only has chalk or crayons readily available to play with – paint is just too messy to keep out all the time.

Our Little Picasso {The Ordinary Moments}

She absolutely loves her easel though and will draw at every opportunity. She loves to draw circles and spends an age choosing the right colour for the next part of her masterpiece. Recently though she has also been pulling a chair up before she starts to draw, turning into a proper little artist!

Our Little Picasso {The Ordinary Moments}

Drawing and colouring are our fail safe ways to pass a rainy day, a lazy afternoon or a PJ day. LP will stay happily amused for quite a while and her brother can even join in too – It’s one of the few things they can together without upsetting one another – as they have a side of the easel each most of the time they don’t even realise the other one is there drawing too!

I used to spend hours colouring in as a child and remember the time when I started to consciously colour inside the lines. For now, LP just creates a beautiful mess of colours but loves it and knows exactly what she is drawing. I can’t wait to see her artistic expression develop over the years.

Our Little Picasso {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. Ah, these moments are lovely. Boo’s the little Picasso in our house, and just loves drawing, painting and colouring. I love chalk boards as they can just get creative at any point as it’s there ready and waiting for them x

  2. Ahh Donna love this!! Her little face so full of concentration it’s gorgeous!!
    We are thinking about getting Arthur a little easel for Christmas I think they are just brilliant for kids! He might be a little bit too on the small side but he does seem to love drawing so maybe it will be okay! Xx

  3. So gorgeous Donna, I love how deep in concentration she is. We bought Mads a second hand easel from a car boot sale a while ago but we left it outside at first and now it has gone a bit gross. She loves to paint and draw, I should do it with her more often but she has such a limited concentration span with it that I get it all out and then 5 minutes later she wants to do something else! 😉 x

  4. She is definitely engrossed in whatever she is drawing, mark making is magical for little ones, I love the look on their face when the thing they are holding in their hand actually makes marks on paper, or a chalkboard.

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