Drinking Cereal {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man absolutely loves breakfast. We have a routine that we get dressed before coming down in the morning and getting breakfast but I will often bring Little Man downstairs once he’s dressed and leave him eating his cereal whilst I go and get LP ready.

More often than not I will come downstairs to the sight of Little Man drinking his milk from his cereal, his face completely covered by the bowl and when he finally takes his face out of the bowl there will be a heap of soggy cheerios in the bottom – the milk is obviously the best part!

I think drinking the milk from your cereal is like a rite of passage. I remember LP doing the same thing when she was younger but now she eats cereal normally and I have to admit part of me misses the sight of her with a bowl on her face, milk in her hair and the happy slurpy noises that accompanied it.

But I have, for now at least, Little Man to watch happily slurping his milk. This is definitely an ordinary moment each morning in our house and one that makes me smile – it may not be the best of manners but you’re only little once so he may as well pick the bowl up for as long as he can get away with it!

Drinking Cereal {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. Hehe such a cute photo and although neither of mine drink their cereal they do LOVE breakfast- it’s by far their favourite meal of the day. LL has Weetabix and always makes such a mess as it goes a bit sticky when it’s hard, and Mads has cheerios but without milk- very random! x


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