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We have been parents for over five years now and over that time Calpol has been consistent in our household. Calpol have spent years trying to understand children’s needs. In fact, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the brand.

Celebrating Bounce Back Moments with Calpol

When LP and Little Man are poorly all I want is for them to be themselves again and to get better as soon as possible. All parents know how well their child is by the way they behave and there’s always a time after an bout of sickness when we just know that our child has bounced back.

Celebrating Bounce Back Moments with Calpol

Calpol are encouraging people to acknowledge and celebrate these wonderful Bounce Back moments so I’ve been thinking about the times when LP and Little Man have been sick and the point at which we’ve known they are out the other side of it, and have definitely bounced back.

I always know that LP has bounced back as she’ll start to dress up again – wanting to wear pretty dresses, have her hair brushed and even put a tiara on. When she’s poorly she’s happy in her pyjamas, snuggled under a blanket.

Celebrating Bounce Back Moments with Calpol

She’ll also demand specific TV shows – wanting the latest My Little Pony episode or an Octonauts session that she hasn’t seen in a while. This is a classic bounce back sign for us – when she’s poorly she’s happy to have anything on the TV, or nothing at all.

Celebrating Bounce Back Moments with Calpol

Little Man’s first sign of bouncing back is always a good night’s sleep. When he’s sick he wakes up frequently, cries in his sleep and is just so restless, spending the days exhausted. But when he’s on the mend he sleeps well and comes into our room in the morning, dragging his cuddly Paw Patrol toys behind him.

Another sure sign that Little Man has bounced back is his eagerness to have a bath. He has always loved a bath but when he’s poorly he would happily stay in his pyjamas all day every day. When he’s bounced back he just can’t wait to get in the water again.

Celebrating Bounce Back Moments with Calpol

He also starts asking for his favourite foods again when he’s bounced back. He’ll raid the fridge for Babybel cheese and will demand banana milkshakes in the afternoons. It’s always so good to see him eating again.

Celebrating Bounce Back Moments with Calpol

Both the children hate being outside when they’re poorly, staying inside and hiding from the sunshine, hibernating until they bounce back. Then they love to get outside – tentatively at first – but then getting stuck back in to everything they did before.

Celebrating Bounce Back Moments with Calpol

When the children are sick it is such a tough time for al of us as a family. We get broken sleep, are constantly worried and we often get sick ourselves too. We have to juggle childcare, can’t send them to school and just feel really down, longing for them to bounce back and be themselves again.

So when we see them turn that corner, bounce back and start doing the things they typically would it is such a relief, we automatically relax, feel uplifted and give them an extra squeeze – happy in the knowledge that they’re going to be ok.

Calpol have launched a competition celebrating these bounce back moments. There are weekly prizes up for grabs as well as a grand prize at the end of the competition and all you have to do is pop over to the Calpol Facebook page and submit your stories, photos and videos of your children’s Bounce Back moments.

Celebrating Bounce Back Moments with Calpol

Calpol Infant Suspension (paracetamol) for pain & fever. Always read the label.


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  1. Look at little LP and Little Man, these photos are adorable. When children are poorly its tough on all the family. Seeing your little ones poorly and not being able to take it away. The sleep deprivation that affects us all and for Andy he still has to go to work the next day. That moment they bounce back, is so wonderful to see. x

  2. Oh my! Look at their little faces!! I think I should take out shares in Calpol the amount my two have got through in the last three years. Luckily Toby isn’t ill very often these days, and for once Gabe is having a break from his teething and coughs and colds so no one is needing any Calpol at the moment 🙂

  3. I am loving the photos in this post Donna, beyond cute! My two still use Calpol when they’re ill or have a headache, so that’s over 12 years we’ve used it for crazily.

    Stevie x

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