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Mini Mince Pies Recipe – Family Favourite | AD

You need mince pies of some description at Christmas and this year I made Mini Mince Pies. The easiest way to make Mince Pies or Tarts is to buy ready made pastry and a jar of mincemeat, stick it all together, cook it, and done! If you’d like to make the pastry yourself too, here’s a little recipe. But, if you’d like to know how to make mince pies with…

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Gingerbread Man Cookies Recipe

Gingerbread Man Cookies are such a great thing to make with your children at Christmas or through the year. It’s a right of passage, a real moment of childhood and something children remember forever. I remember baking gingerbread as a child and I know that my own children will remember it too. It’s such a lovely memory to have for them and us and so I thought I would share…


Perfect Mashed Potato Recipe

To me, there isn’t much more comforting than a big dollop of homemade mashed potatoes on a winter’s evening – accompanied by pie, toad in the hole, sausages or pretty much anything else. But, there is nothing quite as disappointing as lumpy mash – so I’m sharing our perfect mash potatoes recipe. Hubby and I endured years of making mashed potatoes – lumpy mash, never being able to get all…


Baked Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

This Baked Lemon Cheesecake recipe creates my never fail dinner party pudding and it’s something we have been cooking for years. It tastes amazing and yet is low fat – adapted from an old Weight Watchers recipe! I find that this is best made in advance – the night before or even earlier the same day as you need to chill it before serving. It’s fine kept for a couple…


Quesadilla Recipe – Ham, Cheese and Tomato

Quesadillas are such a lovely, easy lunch and can be eaten hot or cold – Hubby quite often takes them to work cold for lunch or I do them hot for lunches at home so I thought it would be nice to share our quesadilla recipe with you. It’s such an easy recipe to adapt to suit anyone’s tastes and is really quick to make. What can you put in…


Never Fail Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

A Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe is a pretty fail safe option in any family home. If we bake a batch we know they’ll be well received whatever the filling. We also know that they’ll all get eaten – there are never any complaints when we bake cookies. That’s why this recipe has been used time and time again in our home and why I felt it was only right that…


Chicken and Spinach Curry Slow Cooker Recipe

If you’re looking for a really moreish chicken curry with layers and layers of flavour, all cooked in your slow cooker then this Chicken and Spinach Curry slow cooker recipe is great! It’s definitely one of our favourite curry slow cooker recipes. Slow cooker curry works really well, with the flavours maturing the longer you leave them to cook for. This makes the Slow Cooker Chicken and Spinach Curry recipe…