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When you buy a car from a dealer in London, you may be fortunate enough to have the first service or two included. However, official car dealerships sometimes outsource this work so there is not always a particular benefit derived from going to your dealer. What’s more, a so-called ‘free servicing package’ is often included in the price of the car so turning to an independent car servicing firm is frequently preferable. Think – why would a free service be as thorough as one you are paying for professionally? As such, many Londoners look for impartial servicing from a company they can trust.

Of course, if you’re not a mechanic, then choosing a reputable firm will often come down to how trusted they are among other motorists. Shop around and look for a servicing firm with experience in handling your type of car whether it is an electric, a standard run-around or a 4×4. For example, at DAT Tyres, you can choose the right type of car servicing in London for their sort of vehicle. You can choose a time and date to suit your needs at one of their local garages (020 8969 3030) or book online. This is handy because there are so many car dealerships in London – not to mention mobile mechanics and repair centres – that choosing a good servicing operator can feel as though it is overwhelming at times.

Generally speaking, tyre shops offer great value for money when they undertake car services. Typically, the things that need replacing are oil, brake fluid, wiper blades and tyres. You’ll find all of these things at reasonable rates at a tyre fitter’s establishment, so this often means being able to obtain the best value for money. What’s more, local tyre shops should be focussed on the things that matter most to Londoners. Unlike many other parts of the Southeast, there are numerous red routes in the capital – places you won’t want to break down – so car reliability is even more important to most residents. There again, with the ULEZ scheme and the congestion charge zone, you’ll want to ensure your emissions are compliant with the rules while avoiding travel into central London if you live outside just to get your car serviced.

Remember that a car should be serviced annually to keep it in good condition and avoid potential problems. However, if you drive a lot, then you should consider more frequent services. The RAC recommends that cars are serviced every 12,000 miles if they clock up this number within a year. Bear in mind that servicing your car prior to its annual MOT is also a good idea because it will be more likely to pass if it has been properly checked over before its official inspection.

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