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For any stage in a child’s learning it’s important to have a variety of different assets to help the child grow to their potential and make the best use of their time. One important factor is the stationery and tools they use alongside their learning. In this article, we hope to provide you with a comprehensive list of the available stationery to aid a child’s learning.

Pencil grips

The best way to practise writing is practise, and even with an adult continuous writing can cause strain in the hand over time. Grips can help reduce this strain and make writing sessions a much more comfortable experience for a child, helping them stay eager to learn.

Grips can also help left handed children significantly, who may struggle initially with a normal pen or pencil due to the difference in pushing the pen across the page rather than pulling. This can normally cause strain on the hand and result in messier writing. After writing for some time, this kind of problem can be overcome, but for someone just starting out with their literacy skills, this kind of problem can be a key issue. Specific pencil grips can help overcome this issue, helping a child focus their efforts on the writing process itself, resulting in a much better and easier experience.  CrossbowEducation have a wide selection of grips available fit for the varied needs a particular child might have, and suitably low costs with multi-pack discounts on offer for some of their products.

Write well mat

For children developing their writing skills, it’s key to have a resource that helps develop a specific style. A write well mat provides just that – a line guide that can be used behind a piece of paper to help guide writing and create familiarity with how their writing should be laid out. With the help of this guide, a child is quickly taught how to write neatly, and will be quicker to write in this way without the use of a mat in the future.

Furthermore, for a child with specific needs, these kinds of mats can be custom ordered in some circumstances, allowing you to quickly meet their requirements when making a purchase and also ensuring that the mat can meet as many of their requirements as possible. Some of the mats even have a slanted design, allowing a child to write more comfortably with the option to orientate this slant depending on which hand your child writes with.

A great source for a basic version of this mat is from this site. the mat is two-sided, one side is for a right-handed writer, the other for left. The tool can help show a child how to orientate their paper when writing, and can drastically help with the writing position.

Notepads and drawing products

It’s helpful for a child during their education to have a notebook for anything from quick note taking, to homework and drawing. Getting the right notebook for a child can be key to how useful a tool it is to them – for instance there’s a wide variety of left-handed notebooks available to avoid strain when writing over the binders present in some notebooks, and there’s also specialised notebooks for a specific subject. An example of a specialised notebook would be an art drawing pad – a key tool for any arty child, and can help them throughout later life should they choose to pursue a subject involving sketch work, or drawing. This store has a wide variety of different sketch and drawing pads of various artist-level specifications to help your child meet requirements set by a course, and give them the best drawing experience possible. Boasting various levels of Gs/m, the site has a wide variety of reasonably priced drawing equipment that any child can quickly get to grips with and learn even faster.

School Stationery Which Helps Aid a Child's learning

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