The Best Day Ever {The Ordinary Moments}

We have so many lovely days. We have days out, we go on mini adventures, we meet up with friends and have play dates and we have a fair few days at home too. Our days are pretty ordinary – we do normal things that many families do – playing games, watching a movie together, going to soft play or the park. The days are often not anything special, but they are time where we can be together – Little Man and I, the children and Dave or I or occasionally all four of us together.

We have a pretty ordinary life, doing ordinary things and yet LP has picked up a phrase recently that she says at some point nearly every day “This is the best day ever!”. She’ll make this exclamation with complete conviction and she will mean it with every ounce of her being. She says it sometimes on the way to school, other times just before she goes to bed and on some days it will be in the middle of the day.

At first I was confused as to why she thought that a normal day in our lives was the best day ever. I laughed and asked her why it was the best day ever and she said, with complete certainty “Well, it just is. Isn’t it Mummy?” And I couldn’t disagree.

Even at LP’s age she has realised how wonderful life is, and how beautiful each new day is. Every single day, to her, is the best day ever. It’s a new day, she’s a day older and there’s a whole 24 hours to fill with the excitement of life. LP has opened my eyes to the fact that as adults we make the big days into the important ones and the ordinary days pale in significance. The best days ever might be holidays, weddings, Birthdays and other occasions and the days in between usually blur into one, the ordinary days not usually being given any credit at all.

But through a child’s eyes every single day is amazing. Those days just relaxing at home and playing with toys are as special as those grand days out and to LP every ordinary day in our lives really is the best day ever. Now, every time I hold her hand in mine as we jump in a puddle together or when we sit together on the sofa watching a Princess movie I too think that it could well be the best day ever.

What is better than a brand new day with your happy children? For us, that really could be the best day ever.

The Best Day Ever {The Ordinary Moments}

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