Autumn Walks To School {The Ordinary Moments}

Most days I love walking LP to school and back, unless the weather is awful. On a normal day LP loves to explore as we walk. We walk down the same roads, on the same pavements and past the same things twice every day but still she sees it as an adventure and through LP’s eyes that walk to school is fresh and new every single time.

Now that Autumn is here everywhere has a lovely layer of leaves covering it, wind blowing and on the best days sun shining too. LP loves to hold my hand or walk slightly ahead and kick her feet through the leaves, making happy noises and laughing as she goes.

Autumn Walks To School {The Ordinary Moments}

There are places where she has always loved to climb, the grassy hill on the verge that she has always ran up and stood at the top telling me to look at her as she waves at me. But now that grassy hill is also strewn with leaves and LP will climb it every day, waving a leaf proudly as I watch. This is the part of the walk where I have to coax her down, we only go up the hill on the way home and it marks our half way point, for me it’s the time I start to tire and just want to get home but I always promise her she can climb on the way home, so I let her climb, listen to her laugh and give her just a few moments more before we head on home.

Autumn Walks To School {The Ordinary Moments}

The walk to school for LP is so exciting but the walk home is even more so, especially now autumn is here. I’m looking forward to wrapping up warmer, holding her little gloved hand and embracing this time of year.


  • Donna Wishart

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  1. This is lovely Donna! It’s amazing how a walk like that, one that would be so mundane to us is lifted into something wonderful through the eyes of our little explorers 🙂
    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again LP’s coat is amazingly cute I love it!! Xx

  2. I love kicking through leaves and so does my boy. Now this sounds odd. But living in a very busy city. Sometimes I wonder if we kick it if a dead rat will pop out. I know this is a weird comment but that is my thought process! ha ha ha!!! x

  3. The walk to school is something that we miss out on, living along bad country roads with no footpaths. I envy your little stroll every day! It’s so lovely that your little girl still finds the wonder in it too!xx

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