Living Arrows – 43/52

This week’s Living Arrows photos were taken on my phone at Legoland yesterday. It was a very much needed family day and we were there from 11am until after their Halloween fireworks display that finished at 7pm. We got home at 8pm and the children were so exhausted we were pretty much able to take them, sleeping, from the car, get them into their PJs and into bed with minimal disruptions. It really was a perfect kind of day.

LP is so grown up now. She talks constantly, telling us what she can see, what she is doing and more often than not she will talk about random things from earlier in the day, last week or even a month ago. Whatever comes into her head she will say and we love having conversations with her.

Living Arrows - 43/52

Little Man is at the age now where he will happily ride on our shoulders, tugging our hair, hugging our head and watching the world go by. He will stay there for ten minutes or so before getting bored but for those ten minutes he has a huge grin on his face and loves every minute. He’s also looking super grown up with his second hair cut.

Living Arrows - 43/52

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