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October is a time of year when retailers will be desperately trying to shift their summer inventory on – and even their autumn inventory – as we move towards Christmas time. Christmas is a time of year that requires a lot of floor space, so you will likely see some great discounts on furniture that is late season. Here are some ideas on what you could find on clearance sales.

Sun Lounger

Sun loungers are items that take up a lot of floor space in a shop, and almost nobody is buying them in the wintertime. So, this is precisely when we should consider buying one. A folding sun lounger can be stored quite easily for winter, and when spring comes around in 5 months, you will be glad to have got your bargain lounger that will transform your garden into a lazy, decadent paradise. 


Barbecues are an item that can set you back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. But, getting a good one should last you years, so there’s really no reason be buying one as-and-when you need it. In other words, pick up your dream BBQ whilst it’s on offer this winter. Plus, and this is something many people never consider, cooking up some chicken shish kebabs on a BBQ in the winter is incredible. Somewhat primal but very rewards and tasty – don’t let the cold weather stop you from going outdoors!

Swimming pool

Okay so, you may not actually use a swimming pool in the winter unlike a BBQ – unless of course you’re on a Wim Hof schedule. But, like BBQs, swimming pools, and jacuzzis are expensive and take up a lot of floor space in retailers, so this is a good time to get ahead of the curve and knock a couple of hundred bucks off the asking price. 


You may think that the best time to buy plants is when they’re blooming in summer. However, around October time is when they’re at their cheapest. Retailers will offer perennials and annuals at steep discounts to help shift their remaining inventory. Plus, late-season sales right now usually mean that the pots are overgrown. More bang for your buck, though, as you can divide them into several clumps before planting.

Summer houses

A summer house is a cross between a shed and a log cabin. They’re wooden structures, a bit like a beach hut, where you can relax in the summer under some shade. Except, they’re actually more appealing in the winter if you think about it. Screwing an electric heater to the framing, having some blankets, and sipping on some hot chocolate or mulled wine as you watch the snow fall outside the window is a very cozy way to make use of your garden all year round. 

You could even place a TV in there, or if it’s very well insulated, work in there as your garden office. And, as you may have guessed, this is of course the cheapest time of year to pick up a summer house. Let’s call it a winter house instead.

5 pieces of furniture that will be on clearance sale right now

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