Review: Rockin’ Baby Clothing

Little Man and LP love getting new clothes and I love finding brands that are just that bit different to clothes from the High Street. Rockin’ Baby recently sent LP and Little Man some of their new season of products and they couldn’t wait to try them on.

Little Man was sent the Mountain Deer Tee which was made of the softest cotton and the colours suited him perfectly. The deer design is lovely for this time of year and I really liked the bold stripe sleeves in contrast to the solid blue of the body.

img_5113 img_5133
It was teamed with the Blue Printed Sweat Pants which were so nice and comfortable, easy to wear and great for an active day out or just a day at home. I love dressing Little Man in clothes that are comfortable, that he can move around freely in and that won’t stop him running and climbing. These sweat pants tick all the boxes.


I found the clothes slightly on the big side – as Little Man is a pretty average sized three year old and the 3-4 sizing was a little big but it means he will get lots of wear out of them as he grows.

img_5159 img_5180
LP was sent the Cat Print Poncho which is completely different to anything she has ever worn before. The poncho has a built in bag to store it in when not being worn and is great for throwing on over clothes when the weather suddenly changes.


The poncho has poppers up the front and poppers under the arms to keep it in place but LP’s arms are still pretty exposed when wearing it. Because of this I think she’d only really use it when in a light shower. It’s quite thin and so doesn’t offer much warmth, so better suited to very light rain than any real protection from the elements. But LP loves the cat print and really likes how different it is to her other coats.


Rockin’ Baby Clothing is great quality and their designs are fun, full of colour and a little bit different too. But, what’s more, for every item of clothing sold Rockin’ Baby donates another item of clothing to children who need them around the world.

I love Rockin’ Baby clothes and the charity element makes me even more likely to buy from them in the future. Their clothes are beautiful and you know with each product you buy you are giving something back too.


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Review: Hotter Shoes – Danville Boots

Last week I took the train to Guildford to have a lovely evening with the team from Hotter, drinking wine, eating nibbles and learning more about the beautiful shoes that Hotter produce.

I had no idea that Hotter had been around for more than 50 years and in that time had produced classic design shoes that are still in production now, with new styles being made each year. The shoes are made to last and my favourite part of the event was finding out that the main body of the shoe was fused with the sole – meaning that they won’t come apart. I’ve lost count of the amount of shoes and boots of mine that have broken like that.

At the end of the event I was able to take away a pair of boots to review and I chose the Danville ones. I need black boots – I don’t own any – but they came in a choice of colours. They were beautiful and would go with any outfit.


I couldn’t wait to get them on the day after the event and they literally haven’t left my feet since. They’re great for the school run, a trip to the shops or dressed up in the evening for a night out.

But, the main thing about my new Hotter boots is that they are so comfortable. The soles are made to really cushion your feet and even the heel is cushioned with extra support to really make your feet happy – even when you’ve been walking around all day.


I had no idea boots could be so comfortable and now that I have a pair of Hotter boots I doubt I’ll look anywhere else in the future. If you haven’t tried Hotter footwear yet you really need to – and there are so many stores around the UK now, but they also have a fantastic website too.

The Danville boots have an RRP of £89.00


Disclosure: I was invited to choose a pair of shoes to review however all opinions are my own.

Bob the Builder Toys from Smoby Review and Giveaway!

Little Man couldn’t have been happier than when the new range of Bob the Builder Toys from Smoby arrived for him to review. He’s the perfect age for Bob the Builder and although he loves the show, up until now, he hasn’t had any Bob toys so this was really exciting for him.



The main part of the delivery was the Bob the Builder Workbench. This is a really substantial toy but it does need quite a lot of putting together. It took me about 45 minutes to put the workbench together, add the stickers and detach all the accessories from the extra mould pieces.


Once constructed the workbench is really sturdy and has a good amount of storage space – usually an issue with these sort of toys. It comes with so many screws, nuts and pieces to fix together as well as tools and is a fantastic toy for being creative as well as builder themed role play.



Our delivery also had a Bob the Builder dress up set which included a hard hat, shirt and coverall combo, spanner and phone. Little Man loved this part of the delivery and has worn it daily since – even wearing it to pick LP up from school!



The hard hat was a bit tight – with an adjustable section to fit smaller heads, but we took the adjustable part out and it fits Little Man perfectly now. The costume is a good size too and will fit Little Man for a year or more.


Little Man loved his new Chainsaw and Jigsaw. Both having electronic parts and make realistic noises when they’re used – the jigsaw even lights up when you push down on it.




These are perfect for making Little Man really feel like he’s building and he loves using them – usually to try and cut up furniture around the house!



Lastly, the delivery included a Bob the Builder Tool Bag which is a cute backpack filled with tools. It includes a motorised screwdriver, spanner, hammer and saw – all with their own section of the backpack.



Little Man loved this tool set and enjoyed getting everything out, packing it away and carrying it along with him. I’ve teamed up with Smoby to give away a Bob the Builder Tool Bag to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

Don’t forget to check out our other giveaways over on the giveaways page!

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Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!

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It’s always difficult to decide where to go on holiday, especially somewhere the whole family will enjoy. But to make the decision slightly easier, have surveyed holidaying children worldwide to find the best destinations for family holidays. The results showed what children value in a holiday, and the top destinations they’d love to visit too. Here are some of their favourites:

  • USA {Best for cool pools, water slides and lots of activities}

The USA was a very popular destination amongst children, and is top-rated for its pools and great range of activities. The US offers a huge choice of trips and activities for the whole family to enjoy, whether it’s incredible theme parks in Orlando, saddling up with cowboys in Wyoming, snowboarding in the Rockies, surfing in California or exploring museums in New York. In the USA every family is certain to find something they love and something to make it a truly memorable holiday.


The US is also a fantastic choice for beach and poolside holidays, with a variety of resorts to choose from. Between the surfing haven of California, the white sandy beaches and beautiful sea of Miami and the glamorous appeal of The Hamptons. The USA has resorts to delight both children and adults alike, all enjoying the famous American warm welcome and customer service.


  • Greece {Best for beach holidays}

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Greece was voted the best destination for a beach holiday – and having taken the children to Greece last summer we have to agree. Greece’s white sand beaches, rocky coves and clear blue waters are a really popular destination for many families and we cannot wait to go back.


Greece’s beaches and islands offer fantastic facilities for water sports including sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. But, away from the sea the whole family will enjoy exploring the ruins and sites of ancient Greece, including Olympus, home of the Gods, and the original track where the Olympics were born.


  • Brazil {Best for unusual activities and cool holiday photos}

Brazil is best rated for unusual activities and the best for the chance to take cool photos for social media accounts – pleasing children of all ages. Few countries can offer the variety of Brazil, covering everything from glorious beaches, lush jungle and exciting cities and culture. Rio de Janeiro is an oasis of incredible scenery and iconic sights and the city itself is bursting with vibrant culture and famed for its samba, capoeira and love of football. Unusual activities include sampling the delicious local cuisine, and visiting the traditional gaucho barbecue houses for an authentic taste of Brazil. You can also visit Manaus, the gateway to the Amazon. Travellers of all ages can explore the jungle on a tour and cruise the mighty river’s tributaries to spot wildlife including parrots, monkeys, sloths, tamarins, macaws and river dolphins.


  • Canada {Best for evening activities}

Canada was popular for its evening activities, which not only kept children busy but helped them achieve every child’s holiday ambition of staying up late. Canada offers plenty to occupy every family. The unspoilt wilderness offers amazing wildlife watching opportunities – spotting bears of every colour, wolves, moose, elk, orcas and whales. Families can try dog sledding, see the northern lights and ski in some of North America’s best and largest resorts.


  • Mexico {Best for meeting other children to play with}

Mexico was highly rated for its social opportunities for children. Mexico offers some of the world’s best beach resorts where the whole family can relax, meet other holiday makers and try out water sports. Mexico has fantastic locations for surfing, sea kayaking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, snorkelling, scuba- diving, whale watching and so much more.


Plus, Mexico is home to some of the most fascinating archaeological locations in the world and having visited Mexico on our honeymoon we would definitely love to take the children there too.


  • Japan {Best for Wi-Fi}

Japan is pretty advanced in technology and has excellent public services, so unsurprisingly children were impressed by Japan’s great wi-fi coverage and speedy internet connections. Japan is great for family travel, thanks to its mix of natural beauty, history, vibrant cities and unique culture. Tokyo and Kyoto are Japan’s largest cities but the mountainous countryside is serenely beautiful, and offers so many activities – from snorkelling to skiing.


Have you been to any of these top countries? if so, would you agree that they are fantastic places to travel as a family? It would be great to hear your thoughts and to see where you’re heading for your next family break away – we’ve already been scouring, planning our next break away – and it may well end up being to one of these top family destinations!


I Want To Give Blood

Before having children I started giving blood – and also signed up to the bone marrow register. I managed to donate blood six times before I had to stop due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I’ve always wanted to give blood, to give something back and to do my bit to help people and I’m now at the point where I can have time by myself for long enough to go and donate again.

So, I dug out my blood donation card with my donor number on it and I tried to sign into the website but sadly a system update meant I had to reregister – but the National Blood Service staff were really helpful, updated all my details – as I had got married and moved house since I last donated – and gave me the information I needed to register again.

I registered and immediately loved the new website – it’s so much more intuitive than it had been a few years back. But then I searched for an available appointment to give blood.

The website searches for the nearest venues within 3-4 miles of where you live – further I guess if you live in a rural area – and tell you the next available date. When I searched for an appointment the next blood donation session was about 15 days away but, when I looked for an appointment they were fully booked.

I looked at other locations and they were all fully booked. They all had limited walk in availability but, with a job, a blog, two children and a shift working husband I can’t walk in to the venue and sit and wait. I need an appointment to fit my life around it and so I booked the next available appointment.

On 24th January.

When I go and give blood I can only donate every four months and yet, to donate for the first time I have to wait over three months. Is it just me that thinks that’s crazy?

I thought, and still think, that the country needs people to donate blood. There are people having transfusions every day and the blood supply could run out if people don’t keep donating. But, for people like me to donate there needs to be the appointment availability to be able to go and donate.

I have to wait three months to donate and in that time I could already donated, only having to wait an extra month before donating for a second time. Yet, those three months are wasted and if it’s the same for everyone else registering to give blood, to go and try and do a good deed, that’s a lot of blood that the blood bank is missing out on. I just hope that the three month – or longer in some cases – wait doesn’t make people decide against donating, put it off for even longer or wait until nearer the time only to find that there’s a four, five or six month wait when they get around to trying again.

If the National Blood Service want people to donate they need to make it more accessible, they need to have more sessions or more appointments available at the sessions. I know, budgets etc. But, blood is a pretty critical thing, isn’t it? Plus, you can’t grow it, make it or buy it. You need people, people willing to spend just a few minutes giving blood and I am sure if it was easier more people would do it.

My appointment is booked for January, I just wish I could give blood sooner.