Review: Playmobil Fire Chief’s Car with Lights and Sound #5364 #PLAYMOBILPlayologist

The children are both at the age now where they love construction toys and love role play – anything that involves using their imaginations. So when we were invited to be Playmobil Playologists this year it didn’t take us long to agree! The children don’t have any Playmobil toys yet so you can imagine their excitement when the Playmobil Fire Chief’s Car with Lights and Sound turned up to review.


The Fire Chief’s Car comes ready to be built, with lots of pieces and clear instructions of how to put it together. Little Man and LP were in their element trying to help and loved being able to put the wheels and things on themselves. Building the car was a great activity for me to do with the children and we really enjoyed building it together.



The Playmobil Fire Chief’s Car is straightforward to build and the sound and light unit clicks easily onto the top of the car. You press a button for the lights to come on and another for the sounds and they continue to flash and make siren noises until you press the buttons again. Auto shut-off would be a good addition to this to save batteries – and our ears! It’s worth noting too that batteries aren’t included in the set.



Once the Fire Chief’s Car is constructed it’s the perfect toy for role play. It comes with the fire chief, road cones and other little accessories that all fit nicely into the back of the car. The wheels turn really smoothly making it nice to push around the room and Little Man has loved using it to play out fire scenes – or even just to direct other traffic!



The Playmobil Fire Chief’s Car is really well made and a toy that can literally last years. It’s one of a whole range of fire related Playmobil toys and at the moment comes complete with limited edition fire stickers too. Playmobil is a top manufacturer within the preschool toys sector and I know we will be investing in many more toys as the years go by!

The Playmobil Fire Chief’s Car has an RRP of £19.99


Disclosure: We were sent the above toy for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

City Girl Gone Coastal {What the Redhead read}

I have been reading City Girl Gone Coastal for literally years. Amanda was one of the first people I remember chatting to on Twitter and I remember reading her blog back when her boys were small – they are fully fledged school boys now.

city girl 2

What do I love about this blog?

I first loved City Girl Gone Coastal because of the beautiful seaside photos of sunrise, sunset and the pier. You really cannot beat beachy photos when you live so far from the sea. But now, from reading for years, I have come to love Amanda’s honesty, her openness about her struggles with depression and how she writes with her heart on her sleeve.

I love reading about her twins and seeing photos of them getting up to all sorts on the seafront. But, I also love Amanda’s creativity. I think that she can turn nothing into something and is definitely one of the most creative people I am lucky enough to know in this world of blogging.

What are my favourite posts?

Cacti & Succulents, My New ‘Thing’

Have Sponsored Posts & Monetising Ruined Blogging?

Woodworking Progress

If they don’t already, why should people read this blog?

Amanda has twins – so a great new reader for any other twin parent. But, it’s also a great read for anyone with a creative streak – making things out of driftwood, pebbles or anything else washed up on the beach. There are also beautiful photos and posts that really draw you in. A deeper blog than many I read but so worth taking the time to enjoy.

Where can they find the blog?

You can find City Girl Gone Coastal over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Untitled design

Disclosure: The above blog hasn’t asked to feature in this post – I love it and so I’ve decided to share it with you.

Redhead Roundup – Health and Beauty {August 2016}


Here are a few health and beauty products I’ve been trying over the last few weeks:

Little Butterfly London Illuminating Day Cream

I don’t use many creams and things as in the past I’ve found they make my face greasy or my skin feels heavy but the Little Butterfly London Illuminating Day Cream is so light and hydrating that I’ve been using it every day. It leaves my skin really nice and smooth without any residue and really moisturises the skin.


The Little Butterfly London Illuminating Day Cream contains precious oils like borage, peach, cucumber and papaya seed to hydrate and nourish and acai berries which help to protect the skin. Argan leaf helps firm and passionflower, pomegranate and green tea extracts help smooth fine lines. I’m hoping that if I use this every day going forward that it will keep my skin looking healthy.

So far I’ve been using it in the morning before putting make up on and it leaves a really nice matt texture, the perfect addition to my morning routine.

Little Butterfly London Stretch Mark Butter

Like most mothers I have my fair share of stretch marks but, since having the children, I haven’t used anything to try and reduce the look of the stretch marks, resigning myself to them being something that will always be there.


But the Little Butterfly London Stretch Mark Butter promises to deeply nourish, deliver long-lasting moisture and optimise skin elasticity, all helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. I have been working to lose weight over the last few months and I’m hoping that the Little Butterfly London Stretch Mark Butter will help tone and repair the stretched skin on my stomach. I’ve been using it for a few weeks so far and it’s definitely making the skin nicely moisturised but only long term use will tell if the stretch marks have improved or not. I’m willing to give it a go!

Barefoot SOS Daily Rich Body Lotion

One thing I do like to use regularly, especially after a bath or shower is body lotion. The Barefoot SOS Daily Rich Body Lotion has been great to use every day, going on easily and having really good coverage too. I’ve been using this all over and it’s perfect for sensitive skin.


Barefoot SOS Soothing Face and Body Wash

I admit it, I nearly always forget to take my make up off in the evening – such a bad habit of mine. But since I started using the Barefoot SOS Soothing Face and Body Wash as part of my routine I have been religiously taking off my make up before I wash my face each night.


The Soothing Face and Body Wash cleanses really well, leaving my face feeling soft and clean – such a nice feeling before I go to bed. This has been great for daily use and even on my skin, which can get irritated at times, I haven’t had any problems with the Face and Body Wash – great for even the most sensitive of skin.

Barefoot SOS Face and Body Rescue Cream

As I mentioned above, I don’t use many creams at all but I am gradually starting to use them when I feel my skin needs something to give it a bit of a fix or boost. The Barefoot SOS Face and Body Rescue Cream is used to highly moisturise and soothe all kinds of dry, sensitive, uncomfortable and problem skin.


I’ve been using this over the last couple of weeks to hydrate any problem areas – elbows and knees for me mainly but I also get dry patches on the tops of my feet too. It works really well, leaving my skin really hydrated and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling either. A really lovely cream that works instantly.

Disclosure: The above products were sent for inclusion in this post however all opinions are my own.

Kit & Coco Back to School Giveaway!

*This is a collaborative post

After fun filled summer holidays, getting the kids back into the school routine can be quite a challenge.  With the added worry about head lice and nits, which can be rife on the return to the classroom, September can be a stressful month for parents. But, ready for the start of the new term, KIT & COCO have compiled some great tips to help you avoid the little critters when the kids go back to school. They also have some simple processes to avoid them and also treatments to deal with them.


Here are KIT & COCO’s tips:

  1. Keep long hair tied up

Head lice can’t fly or hop – the only way head lice can be passed on is through head to head contact; whether this is during playground games, selfies, sharing hairbrushes, or even when two hats or scarves touch on the communal coat rack.  Even when detached from the hair, they can live between 12 – 24 hours. Keeping your child’s hair tied up in a ponytail, plait or bun is a great start to preventing head lice.

  1. Use a protective spray or mousse

Free from alcohol, parabens, silicone and insecticides, KIT & COCO’s gentle protective mousse and spray provide 24 hour protection against lice.  Perfect for school time or sleepovers, families can opt for the mousse or hair spray with a fashionable head band to ensure hydration and protection.


HOW TO FREE little heads from lice and nits

  1. Identify the critters

Although itching is the first symptom, only 30% of children are aware of an infestation so it’s worth carrying out a full hair inspection under good lighting on a regular basis.  Nits (the eggs) and head lice especially like the nape of the neck and behind the ears as these are the warmest parts of the head.  Nits are easier to spot than lice, which are speedy little critters and the best way to make a correct diagnosis is by using KIT & COCO’s ultra-efficient fine toothed comb!

  1. Act fast

Lice can produce around 10 eggs a day which take around seven days to hatch so one small problem can escalate into a larger issue very quickly!  The KIT & COCO complete treatment kit includes everything you need to combat head lice and nits from treatment shampoo to a gentle ergonomic nit comb, applicator brush, protective shower cap as well as surprise treat for little ones!


KIT & COCO have harnessed the unique qualities of coconut oil and rich botanic oil to deliver gentle yet effective prevention and treatment for head lice and nits.  KIT & COCO has utilised plant based active ingredients – to totally eliminate head lice and nits through asphyxiation, which head lice simply can’t develop any resistance to.

It sounds like KIT & COCO are the way to go if you find yourself with a head lice infestation once the new term starts – I’ll definitely be having some on hand and using their tips, spray and mousse to try and prevent head lice too.

To make sure you’re prepared for the new term I have teamed up with KIT & COCO to give away a 24 hour protective mousse and spray to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Review: Bigjigs Wooden Magnifying Glass

There are some toys that childhood is made for. Some toys that are so simple and yet bring so much joy and the Bigjigs Wooden Magnifying Glass is just that sort of toy. Unlike many toys, the Bigjigs Wooden Magnifying Glass actually works. It’s a real magnifying glass that children can use to look at literally anything.


The Wooden Magnifying Glass is really well made, with a chunky handle to make it easy to grip and plastic glass to look through that incorporates two different strength sections in the main glass to view things at different magnifications.


Little Man absolutely loved this magnifying glass. He spent time looking at so many things in the garden – flowers, fruit and bugs. Gradually he learnt to not hold the magnifying glass right next to his face and instead hold it further away.


I love how the Bigjigs Wooden Magnifying Glass not only lets Little Man have fun on a different level than he is used to but it’s also educational, letting him explore things close up, investigating the intricacies of plants and flowers that he may not have been aware of before.

The Bigjigs Wooden Magnifying Glass has opened up a whole new world to Little Man and I know that he’ll be using it for years to make so much of the world around him that much bigger.


We are huge fans of wooden toys but we also love toys that help the children learn through play and the Bigjigs Wooden Magnifying Glass is just that. It’s the right balance of fun and educational that let’s LP and Little Man learn without even thinking about it. A really great toy for at home, in the garden or even on holiday.

The Bigjigs Wooden Magnifying Glass has an RRP of £8.49


Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.