Toddle Waddle {The Ordinary Moments}

All Little Man wants to do now is walk – he would rather walk than be in the pushchair and if at any point the pushchair stops he just wants to get out and walk. He gets frustrated in the pushchair and yanks at the harness, trying to free himself so he can run around.

We’re now at the point where Little Man spends a lot of time walking around with reins on or with us holding his hands although he isn’t keen on holding hands and walking with us, he’d rather go where he wants to go! Because of this reins normally win most of the time.

Watching Little Man toddle around, so confident on his feet and so happy to explore just shows how quickly life is going. It seems like so recently he was a just a baby, unable to crawl, unable to roll. Just laying wherever we put him – and happy to stay there. Now though, his little toddle waddle is ordinary to us. It’s our new normal and soon enough he’ll be holding our hand and walking down the road without a care in the world.

For now he’s at his happiest in open spaces, places where he can run and not hold our hands, places that are safe to explore and where we can watch him without the reins or constant hand holding. This doesn’t happen often but when it does Little Man’s face lights up – He thrives on freedom, exploration and adventure!

Little Man also loves to hold LP’s hand and walk along with her. This doesn’t happen often as she loves to have her own space and loves to set the rules. When it does happen though it is the cutest thing in the world.

Toddle Waddle {The Ordinary Moments}

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  • Thats an adorable photo Donna. I love the little waddle they do, although LL is getting steadier and doesn’t do it so much she still does have this funny little walk that makes people turn and smile at her in the street. I love it and i know she will lose it one day but I hope she doesn’t soon- nothing makes me prouder than seeing my two walking hand in hand- although it usually lasts about a minute! x

  • Walking does make such a huge difference to them and to how they appear, doesn’t it? M’s moved on to waddling at huge speed. I have no idea where he gets the energy from but it is very cute to watch him motoring around. Must be so lovely to see your two holding hands x