Living Arrows – 21/52

This week has been such a lovely one with most of the week spent at Center Parcs up in Cumbria and then the weekend spent with our lovely friends over at Mental Parentals before driving home yesterday. The week was full to bursting and I don’t remember a time when I have taken more photos than the last seven days. Here are a couple of my favourites.

Little Man seemed to grow endlessly over our two weeks of holidays. He had so many adventures, learnt so much and walked further than his little legs had ever carried him before. A highlight of his from the week was ‘ooooo-ing’ down the end of a cannon, in the rain, and hearing it echo back at him. He would have stood like that all day.

Living Arrows - 21/52

Even on holiday some things really don’t change that much and one thing that LP insisted on was eating her breakfast in front of the TV each day. This doesn’t usually happen at home although we are partial to a TV lunch and as it was holiday we gave in and watched this concentrating face whilst she was engrossed in her show.

Living Arrows - 21/52

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  1. Why is it children love eating away from the table so much? Drives me insane…crumbs in the living room everywhere.

    Love the cannon shot.

  2. They are both getting so big! LM especially – I know I say it all the time but where have our baby boys gone?! Looking forward to seeing your views on Centre Parcs – we thinking of going there sometime soonish.

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