Living Arrows – 41/52

This week has been lovely – Dave and I both worked at the start of the week but had Friday and Saturday off for my Birthday. We went for afternoon tea on Friday afternoon and then a traipse around the forest on Saturday in the rain. The rest of the week was full of preschool drop offs, pick ups and trying to get things done in between. A very ordinary week but a lovely one all the same.

LP is gaining confidence daily now that she is at preschool and she loves nothing more than climbing, adventuring and exploring. She loved the adventure playgrounds in the forest on Saturday and enjoyed jumping out of places and shouting ‘Boo!’ She’s a cheeky little thing who spends most of her day smiling and laughing. She is a joy.

Review: A Day Out at Alice Holt Forest #VitaPicnics

Little Man will not stay still. He is a typical adventuring boy and doesn’t like to be restricted too much – he prefers to be on the ground than held, likes to be walking or running and hardly even likes to hold our hands – he would rather be free, running around and enjoying himself – and who can blame him?

Review: A Day Out at Alice Holt Forest #VitaPicnics

A lovely, ordinary week. One full of rain, grey skies and warmer clothes. Autumn is definitely here.

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  1. But this is the thing I love most about autumn. Muddy puddles, wellies and hats, scarfs and gloves. Great photo’s

  2. Happy birthday from another libran. The best month to have birthdays in.

    Great pics of the 2 of them, so great when they love to get out and about so much #livingarrows

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