Living Arrows – 17/52

This week’s Living Arrows is from a hard, hard week.

The children have been sick all week, a virus or something.

We’ve stayed in our PJs for days and have watched every Disney movie we own.

I’ve also had my Grandad’s funeral and Dave’s family dog died.

All in all, an awful week,

Living Arrows - 17/52

One photo this week. Two babies in their PJs.

One mesmerized by Disney and hugging her beloved toy dog.

The other more interested in everything around him, not fussed by TV yet.

Both babies have needed cuddles all week,

Both babies have fallen asleep on me with no effort at all,

Both babies are growing up so, so quickly yet when they’re poorly they’re very much babies again.

My two poorly Living Arrows.

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  1. Oh Donna, what a week. I hope this one will be better. It’s what goes on behind the camera to the mumma holding it on weeks like these that is the real celebration! Carry on you, you can do it!

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