Little Man is 18 months old!

Oh Little Man. How are you 18 months already? The months have flown by and you have grown so much. You are now more child than baby and even toddler doesn’t describe you that well – you run, walk, climb and even try to jump – toddling seems like a lifetime ago!

Little Man is 18 months old!

You have now had two haircuts, each time they make you look so grown up and take away a little bit more of the baby I still cling on to. You have size 5H feet, are going into 18-24 month clothes. You have a long body but short arms and legs – tops always get too short in the body just as the arms are becoming the right length and your jeans will be forever rolled up! You had two solitary teeth at the bottom for what seemed like an age although now you have your two front teeth and two random molars along with at least 6 teeth on the top – Most have come through within the last couple of months.

Little Man is 18 months old!

You are saying some words regularly, calling Daddy Da-Da, I am Mee-mee and you say Cat as Caaaa. You ask for milk, water and food by pointing and making noises that we now recognise and when you don’t get your own way or we are too slow to give you what you want then you make us know about it – you growl, roar and even occasionally shriek until you are heard!

Little Man is 18 months old!

Having time with you when LP is at preschool is lovely. We have never had time one on one before and I know Daddy feels the same. It’s nice to play with you, get to focus on you and appreciate the awesome little guy you are becoming without other distractions for just a couple of hours a day. I think you like the attention too and your sister has a great time at preschool so it’s win-win all round!

Little Man is 18 months old!

You now go to sleep by yourself at bedtime and for naps and sleep through most nights from 8pm until at least 8am if you’re left to wake up by yourself. You eat really well and have a insatiable appetite especially when it comes to fruit, pasta and sausages. You eat most things and I have been surprised by your love of sweetcorn, humous and black olives – not all at once.

Little Man, you are a joy to be around. You give the best hugs – asking for a ‘cuggle’ regularly, and you make all of us smile and laugh constantly, even your sister! You clearly adore her and she is showing her love for you more as the months go by. Soon you will be two but first we can enjoy your first ‘proper’ christmas, the one where you can join in, open presents and get excited with the rest of us.

Happy half Birthday Little Man.

Little Man is 18 months old!


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  1. Happy half-birthday Little Man! I can’t believe he’s 18 months already…and that means it’s only two months until Toby’s half birthday too 🙂

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