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Many foreign citizens today are moving to the United States for permanent residence, and buying a home is the first step towards obtaining citizenship in America. One of the favorite wishes is buying apartments in Miami-Dade for foreigners. This state, without fear, can be called a paradise. Gentle sun, warm ocean, endless sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes, friendly people. In addition to a favorable climate, Florida is attractive for immigrants with a high standard of living: low taxes, low mortgage lending rates, and a favorable business climate. Even in winter, this is practically the only region on the North American continent where you can enjoy the sun’s warm rays.

Florida benefits for immigration

One of the three largest US states is attractive to foreigners for several reasons:

  • Affordable housing prices.
  • Low property taxes and no income taxes. Every county in the state sets its own taxes on property rights, on average it is about 1% of the market value of housing.
  • Comfortable climate conditions and magnificent beaches. More than half of them are in the top ten in the country.
  • Variety of leisure activities.

How difficult is it to adapt in Florida

Comfortable climate conditions allow you to enjoy life from the first move. There are no severe winters in the state. Snow becomes a real rare event.

In modern residential complexes, apartment owners can use fitness centers and swimming pools directly on the territory, visit sports and children’s playgrounds. The range of additional services depends on the specific housing estate and automatically increases the comfort of living and the cost of housing.

Is it possible to move to Florida in 2023

Criteria for choosing an apartment for investment

If the purpose of your purchase is investment, then when choosing an object, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The technical condition of the apartments (whether repair, replacement of equipment, etc. is needed);
  • Characteristics of the residential complex (apartments in houses with amenities are in the best demand);
  • The location of the apartment in the house, the view from windows and balconies (options with a beautiful view are more valued);
  • The presence of infrastructure facilities near the residential complex (it is good if there are shops, schools, medical clinics nearby);
  • Transport accessibility (if there are public transport stops near the residential complex, then the apartment will have a higher liquidity).

Remote apartment selection 

If you have decided to buy an apartment in Florida, then first of all, check out the offers presented on the local sites. Thanks to a convenient search, the ability to select prices in euros, dollars, you can find the most suitable real estate options for you, compare the characteristics of different residential complexes and apartment prices. There are all the most relevant offers from developers and real estate agencies, so that you can comfortably evaluate the offer and choose the most optimal options for yourself today.

Lots of opportunities to buy commercial property

Despite the situation with sanctions, there is no ban on buying real estate in the United States. Difficulties can only be with obtaining a visa, but they can be overcome. Therefore, anyone can buy their house by the sea.

For example, one agency put up for sale a small hotel with its beach and insanely beautiful coastline. This chic place will undoubtedly be profitable because. Many want to relax in a beautiful hotel and get acquainted with the local nature. Having bought good housing, you can make good money on rent. The Sunshine State is the perfect place to relax. During the year, millions of tourists leave their savings in Florida, which is saturated with resorts and attractions. A large flow of tourists is also facilitated by the ability to fly into the state from all the major airports in the world.

Buying real estate in Florida is well-invested money that, over time, can bring serious profits or an ideally chosen place to live surrounded by magnificent nature and in an economically developed country. On Florida.Realestate website, you can find desirable types of properties in Miami-Dade and other districts.

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