Ideas For a Quick Bedroom Refresh

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Refreshing your bedroom doesn’t have to cost the earth. Simple things like new bedding, curtains, and painting your wooden furniture make an enormous difference, and you can go the whole hog with a new bed if you like. 

Ideas For a Quick Bedroom Refresh

Here are some great ideas for your bedroom refresh:

Revamp your bedding

Updating your bedding with pastel florals or fresh stripey whites will instantly give your bedroom a whole new look. 

Striped and geometric bedding is perfect for a minimalist space, or for a bit more uniqueness, you can go for botanical and jungle-y hits.

Layer up with cosy throws and accent pillows in contrasting textures – a chunky knit blanket or velvet cushions can add instant warmth and interest, and you can mix and match patterns and fabrics for that lived-in, boutique hotel vibe.

Let there be light 

Lighting can make or break a bedroom’s ambience. Harsh overhead lighting can kill a mood, so focus on creating layers of softer, more flattering light.

Swap out bright bulbs for warm white ones and add a dimmer switch to your main light for an adjustable ambience. 

Introduce table lamps on bedside tables and consider wall-mounted lights to free up surface space. String lights draped over a headboard or mirror add a whimsical touch and provide an almost fairy-tale feel to your space. 

Declutter and organise

Nothing ruins relaxation like visual clutter, so have a good clear-out by donating clothes you no longer wear and tidying away items that don’t belong.

Invest in smart storage solutions like under-bed boxes or an ottoman bed to keep clutter at bay. Ottoman beds are the best for storage because they use the whole underside of the mattress as storage space. 

Ideas For a Quick Bedroom Refresh
Pictured: Birlea Phoenix Wooden Ottoman Bed – Oak. Priced £463 (Small Double) Save £365 on RRP. Available from Bedstar.

Bring the outside in

Plants are an easy way to inject life into your bedroom. Not only do they look great, but they also help purify the air and promote better sleep.

Try low-maintenance options like snake plants or pothos on your bedside table or make a statement with a tall fiddle-leaf fig in the corner. 

No green thumb? Faux plants can look just as lovely.

Add interest in art 

Bare walls can make a bedroom feel unfinished. Hang some artwork or create a gallery wall to add personality and interest.

Mix and match frames and styles for an eclectic look or keep things cohesive with matching frames. Don’t be afraid to go oversized – a large piece above the bed can create a striking focal point.

Ideas For a Quick Bedroom Refresh

Add interesting art above your bed to create a focal point (Pictured: Nordic Mill Shake High Wooden Bed Frame – White. Available from Bedstar, Priced £447)

Play with texture

Playing with textures makes it easy to add depth and cosiness to your bedroom.

Ideas For a Quick Bedroom Refresh
Pictured: Willis Gambier Ivory 4FT 6 Double Rattan Bed Frame with bed throws and jute rug. Available from Bedstar.

You might layer a plush rug over wooden floors, drape a chunky throw over the bed’s end, or add velvet cushions to your armchair.

Woven baskets, ceramic vases, and metallic accents add tactile interest, making the space feel more considered and inviting.

Revive your furniture 

A bit of sanding and a lick of furniture paint can transform dated pieces, or you can sand them off entirely and apply wood stain.  

Mismatched bedside tables work better with a cohesive colour scheme, and you can give your wardrobe a whole new look with some chalk paint and new hardware. 

Alternatively, buy some new bedroom furniture and take your old stuff to a charity shop – the British Heart Foundation will usually take it. 

Ideas For a Quick Bedroom Refresh
Pictured: Willis Gambier Bedroom Set. Available from Bedstar.

Create a cosy corner

If your bedroom space allows, carve out a little nook for relaxing and reading with a comfy armchair or window seat styled with cushions and a throw. 

Add a small side table and a lamp to complete the look or fix a fold-out desk to your wall to give yourself a separate space to unwind.


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