Gardening {The Ordinary Moments}

I have loved gardening since I was a child. My parents had a vegetable patch and a greenhouse and I spent all my spare time in the garden. In the years before modern technology really took off I spent all my time either reading or outdoors and so growing things, helping to mow the grass and watering plants was second nature to me and it’s still something I love now – although I have less time to spend gardening than I would like.

LP has been learning about plants at school and so it prompted me to get into the garden with the children. After school we now go into the garden, if the weather’s nice, to play, water the plants or even plant things. LP and Little Man were so excited to plant their own sunflower seeds with me and it was something so simple – I really should have started gardening with them properly a bit sooner.

Gardening {The Ordinary Moments}

The children loved helping me fill pots with soil, making holes in the middle and then adding their precious seeds. The pots have stayed lined up in our garden and they both check them every day to see whether they have started to grow yet. LP always sprinkles them with a bit of fairy dust too to try and help them along.

Gardening {The Ordinary Moments}

After planting LP and Little Man took it in turns to water not just their newly planted sunflowers but also the rest of the garden. LP had a new pink watering can that we bought for the spring and she was happy to let Little Man borrow it to water plants too.

Gardening {The Ordinary Moments}

LP and Little Man love being in the garden and helping me with the plants is not just educational but fun too. I know that we’ll be spending many afternoons after school out in the garden and I cannot wait. I love finding new things to do with the kids that don’t involved technology, are fun and a flashback to my own childhood too.

Gardening {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. This took me back to my childhood. I used to plant sunflowers in the garden and my Nan would do the same in her garden and we used to have a competition on who could grow the tallest one! I loved it! Lovely photos of them doing it together, it’s fab when things bring children together. I hope they grow nice and big X #theordinarymoments

  2. We have been growing cress and sunflowers and the kids are enjoying seeing them grow. C is fascinated by the roots for some reason saying they look like x Ray’s! We spend lots of time playing in the garden too. Hope the weather stays nice x

  3. This is fab. I love gardening, especially growing veg but we don’t have anywhere to do it at the moment as the dogs have access to the whole garden and I haven’t had time to put a fence up. I’m hoping to get it sorted this year and start gardening again next year.

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