Awards – and Thanks

On Monday I found out that I’m a finalist in this year’s Britmums Brilliance in Blogging awards. When the awards were announced a few months ago I didn’t mention them to anyone – I was so busy with the house and work that it just wasn’t really on my radar to ask for nominations. But I did my own nominations and then forgot about it. I wasn’t expecting to be a finalist this year.

But so many people have told me that, behind the scenes, they were really rooting for me. My name being up there amongst the other Social Media finalists apparently isn’t a surprise for anyone other than me! And for that I am so, so grateful.

Awards - and Thanks

There are so many people in this world of blogging who believe in me, have faith in me and throw my name into the hat for things like this without question. They champion me, fight my corner and really have my back when it comes to the whole blogging world. Some are my friends, others are people I have helped over the years, some are people I have worked with and others are people who have been on the sidelines, watching me on social media and just appreciating the things that I do – for them and for the wider blogging community.

I do spend a lot of time helping people in Facebook groups, trying to pass on my blogging knowledge and trying to help make blogging more of a level playing field – with bloggers knowing their worth. I have critiqued blogs, given advice and answered so many questions all whilst keeping my own social media ticking over and working on my blog.

I have spoken at Surrey University to marketing students about the world of blogging and I have spoken to one of my favourite PR companies about how to work with bloggers. The social side of blogging for me is branching out and getting bigger, no longer confined to readers and other bloggers but bringing in people that bloggers work with and the future generation of marketing professionals.

But, all of this I haven’t done for recognition or a pat on that back. I haven’t been social and helpful for any other reason apart from it feeling like the right thing to do. When I started blogging people helped me – and now it’s my turn to help other people, to be part of the community and really immerse myself in the world of blogging.

In all honesty, blogging is my life. It has gone from being a hobby to being my career and with that I have a bunch of amazing colleagues and peers, fantastic clients and a whole blogging life that means so much to me. And the social side is such a huge part of that – social media, this blog and the connections that I make with PR companies and brands. To be a blogger is to be social.

I love this blogging life and I am so proud to be up for the Britmums award this year. The social media category – and the other categories – are full of amazing bloggers and just to be a finalist means so much. So I just want to say thank you. Thank you to the people who nominated me, who thought of me for the award before I had even thought of myself for it. But mostly, thank you to the people who read this blog, chat to me on social media and give me something to talk about – you are the reason I’m social.

The Britmums awards are open for voting until Sunday 2nd July and you can vote here.

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