All the reasons your next weekend break should include a hot tub

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When you’re planning a holiday, it can be hard to justify splashing out for the little extras. We’ve all been doing our best to cut down on costs in recent years, after all.

But when it comes to treating yourself to a weekend break, you shouldn’t have to cut corners. You want to have the very best time away possible, so go ahead and book that luxury getaway.

If you’re still torn on whether hot tub weekend breaks in the UK are the choice for you this time, never fear. We’ve put together a handy list of all the reasons why your next weekend break absolutely should include a hot tub – to save you the debate.

Stress and anxiety reduction

In terms of relaxation, it’s hard to argue with the value of a hot tub. Getting to sit back and enjoy the hot, bubbling water makes for a very relaxing experience, especially if you’re feeling stressed.

The massaging action of the water jets can go a long way towards soothing away any stresses you’re feeling. In a similar way, the gentle pressure of the warm water acts in a similar way to a weighed blanket – perfect for tackling any bouts of anxiety.

And isn’t that exactly the point of a weekend break? What better reason could there be to make sure you book accommodation with a hot tub?

Improved sleep

One of the side benefits of being more relaxed is commonly an improvement in sleep quality. When the body is already relaxed it becomes much easier to drift off to sleep, no matter where you are.

Not only does some hot tub therapy have the possibility to make getting to sleep easier, but it can make that sleep deeper and higher quality. If you’ve been struggling to feel rested after a full night’s sleep, then a hot tub could potentially change that.

Even for those suffering from insomnia a nice long dip in the hot tub could well help. If nothing else, it will definitely make you feel a lot more relaxed before you slip into bed!

Pain relief

Soaking in warm water is well known to offer pain relief for aches and strains. As the water encourages tense muscles and joints to relax this helps to reduce any pain that they’re causing you.

If you’ve got feet worn out from a long day of activity, then a dip in a hot tub is precisely what the doctor ordered.

In a way similar to hydrotherapy, sitting in the water also helps to reduce pressure on your body by taking your weight. This gives your joints a break and can make it easier for them to stretch and move.

Once you get rid of all that muscle tightness and tension, you’re sure to feel like a whole new person.

Burn some easy calories

We’re all looking for easier ways to burn off those calories. But you probably wouldn’t think that you could call relaxing in the hot tub exercise.

While it isn’t on the same level as proper activity – like cycling, sit-ups or swimming – spending time in the hot tub does give your body a bit of a mini workout. Thanks to the higher heat of the water your body will be working to try and lower its temperature, burning some calories in the process.

Get the best of both worlds and relax even as the water works off a few calories for you.

And there you have it – your hot tub weekend break is justified! With so many potential health benefits there isn’t much arguing against indulging in some time in the hot tub.

The next question is – where will you go?

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