6 Months of Baby Led Weaning

We has been 6 months since we started Baby Led Weaning with Little Man. Those six months have been some of the messiest but most rewarding of my life!

I don’t think BLW second time around has been as messy as weaning LP but I think part of that is we knew what to expect and nothing will ever seem as messy as BLW for the first time.

Little Man eats food like it’s going out of fashion, tries everything and has clear favourite foods – Pasta and meat – Sausages, chicken, ham. He isn’t really fussy where meat is concerned! He also loves fruit and will eat it until it comes out of his ears.

Like with LP we have had a couple of instances of Little Man overeating if he really enjoys something – Pasta generally. He will eat and eat and eat so quickly that he doesn’t realise he’s full. LP used to do the same thing with mango. There have been a couple of horrendous episodes of him being sick just after going to bed because of this and so we try and pace him at meal times as much as possible.

Little Man has started to use a bowl at some meal times that suctions onto the highchair tray. Generally it’s still easier to put food directly onto the tray but we’re also trying to get him used to a plate as well. It’s a balancing act! We haven’t introduced cutlery yet apart from loaded spoons of yogurt and fruit purees which he loves!

Baby Led Weaning is definitely a lot less messy now that we’ve been doing it for 6 months. Little Man eats a lot, only drops things on the floor occasionally or if they roll down his bib and onto the floor. There is definitely now light at the end of the weaning tunnel.

Baby Led Weaning has definitely been the right choice for us this time and Little Man is loving it. Meal times are a real family thing and it’s great to have the children really a part of that.

6 Months of Baby Led Weaning

5 thoughts on “6 Months of Baby Led Weaning”

  1. Aw, he looks so cute in that picture! I guess introducing bowls and plates (and then cutlery) will be the next step for us as well….Can you write more about it please because I have no idea where to start!!

    • It’s a shame that we’re coming to the end of it Katie, I quite liked his food related mess! I started blogging because of BLW, it really is the end of an era for me x


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