Slow Cooker Rolo Fudge Recipe

Our latest slow cooker fudge creation is one I absolutely love – Slow Cooker Rolo Fudge. Rolos are such a moreish treat and this fudge tastes perfectly like them but in wonderful tasty cubes. Homemade fudge is such a lovely thing to make and great to share at any time of the year. It works …

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Slow Cooker Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Fudge Recipe

After making Terrys Chocolate Orange Fudge for Christmas last year and then a Dark Terry’s Chocolate Orange Fudge it felt only right that I should also make a White Terry’s Chocolate Orange Fudge too. All these recipes taste just like their chocolate orange namesakes and are fantastic for sharing over the festive season.

Slow Cooker Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange Fudge Recipe

Last year I made Terry’s Chocolate Orange fudge in the slow cooker for the first time and it was immense. It’s still one of our most loved slow cooker fudge recipes. So, it felt only right that this Christmas I should make other Terry’s Chocolate Orange fudge flavours too – and the first one is …

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Two Ingredient Slow Cooker Toblerone Fudge Recipe

I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to make a Toblerone fudge but it’s so super simple that I couldn’t wait to share this new chocolate fudge recipe with you. You literally just use Toblerone bars and condensed milk – no other fancy ingredients or flavourings.

Two Ingredient Slow Cooker Cadbury Caramilk Fudge Recipe

Have you tried Cadbury’s latest chocolate bar yet? I have seen Cadbury Caramilk bars everywhere – and it’s pretty tasty too and such a contrast to traditional Cadbury Dairy Milk or other Cadbury chocolate bars. I thought it would be like the classic Caramac bars but, like it says on the wrapper, Caramilk is 95% …

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Slow Cooker Ferrero Rocher Fudge Recipe

Following on from our Slow Cooker Creamy Nutella Fudge recipe, it felt only natural to create a Ferrero Rocher fudge recipes too. One of our favourite indulgent treats that we could use to make an incredibly indulgent fudge too!

Slow Cooker Nutella Fudge Recipe

This is a slow cooker fudge recipe I’ve been intending to make for quite a while but for some reason it’s always got pushed down this list – until now! Read on for our delicious three ingredient Nutella fudge recipe, a fantastic option for anyone. Who doesn’t love Nutella?!

Slow Cooker Bounty Fudge Recipe

Our latest slow cooker fudge creation is a must for any Bounty fan! This Slow Cooker Bounty Fudge is full of flavour, a great consistency and has just the right amount of coconut in it too. It’s delicious and one of our favourite chocolate bar fudge recipes.

Slow Cooker Pistachio and Cherry Fudge Recipe

We have created so many slow cooker recipes over the years and out fudge ones are always some of our favourites. Our latest slow cooker fudge creation combines two of my top flavours – pistachio and cherry.

Slow Cooker Easter Egg Fudge Shapes Recipe

A few weeks ago I made heart shaped fudge for Valentines and it felt only right that I should make shaped fudge for Easter too. Easter egg shapes seemed like the perfect thing to make and these little easy Easter fudge bites turned out so well that I just had to share the recipe with …

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