Living Arrows – 48/52

This week has been a blur of work mostly as I had to work 4 days instead of three as I couldn’t fit my third day in last week due to Dave’s shifts so I was playing catch up this week. But we had Thursday as a relaxing day of getting things done and then on Friday we had a day with friends, a morning with friends on Sunday and a lot more relaxing and pottering done in any spare moments.

LP and Little Man got to play a lot on Friday and LP has started getting a lot more adventurous. Time where she would have asked me to hold her hand she is now happy to do them herself and be brave. She walked along this single rope bridge numerous times, at first I held her waist as she walked along but after the second time she went across, again and again, by herself. My brave Little Pickle. When did she get so big? And yet she is still so small.

Living Arrows - 48/52

Little Man finished off our play date on Friday by realising he could manage in soft play all by himself. He climbed up a ramp, went down the slide and went back round to the ramp, on and on and on. Little Man has a never ending supply of energy and even without a nap he was happy to keep climbing, keep exploring and keep showing how big he is getting.

Living Arrows - 48/52


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  1. It’s so lovely when they seem to take on anything. LP’s definitely more adventurous than N. He’ll do the log/chain moving bridges, but give him a single rope to walk along and that’s a definite no.

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