Living Arrows – 31/52

I have a series of photos for this week’s Living Arrows and for once each picture has both children in it. One thing that I loved from childhood, and that I seem to have passed onto the children is singing the ‘Ring A Roses’ song but when LP decided the other day that she would play Ring A Roses with Little Man after dinner I was glad my camera was close by!

Living Arrows - 31/52

Little Man loves Ring A Roses but usually plays it with me. He has even learnt to sit down at the right part and when his sister grabbed his hands to play with him I thought he might just combust with excitement! Little Man loves his sister and he gets so animated when she pays him attention.

Living Arrows - 31/52

Little Pickle on the other hand loves the big sister role and loves to give him attention on her terms, when she wants to and no other time. But Ring A Roses was definitely something that was appreciated by both children and seeing them walk around in a circle holding hands and then flop on the floor was absolutely priceless! These are the moments I dreamt of when I was pregnant with Little Man, the sibling moments that I had hoped for and the ones that now bring tears to my eyes and make my heart swell.

Living Arrows - 31/52

The rest of this week has been pretty uneventful. We did meet up with Lauren from Mummy Is A Gadget Geek for another trip to Little Street that is always enjoyable but again this week has been overshadowed with work – I hope this doesn’t become a regular theme in my Living Arrows posts!

Living Arrows - 31/52


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  1. Gosh, beautiful photos. Ring a ring a roses is a song I love from my childhood too. I can’t wait until Jasmin is on her feet so I can watch her and Milin doing this, just like your two are. xx

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