Living Arrows – 25/52

This week was a busy week,

A day at work for me,

A haircut for Little Man,

A family trip to see Peppa Pig

and then a weekend at BritMums Live.

Dave had a weekend with the children,

He loved his time with them and they loved their time with him.

A few days of time at the park,

Going on the swings together and enjoying the sun.

Living Arrows - 25/52

Afternoons of relaxing and playing,

Dinner, bath and then bed,

But relaxing in Mummy & Daddy’s bed first,

and a spot of pre-bed TV!

Living Arrows - 25/52

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  1. You’ve certainly had a busy week – glad they had fun with Daddy! And I love your grown up little boy with the remote 🙂

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