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Are you looking for an easy, fun way to get your kids away from their screens and back outdoors? 

Getting them off the couch can seem challenging as the days grow longer and temperatures are more accommodating. Fortunately, there’s nothing quite like a game of tag or a three-legged race to encourage little ones toward outdoor play. 

To help you, we’ve put together some great backyard game ideas to get even reluctant movers out of bed on spring mornings and jumpstart their joy. So, if you’re looking for fun-filled backyard games to keep your kids moving, we’ve got you covered.

5 Fun Backyard Games That Will Keep Kids Moving

Having fun is an essential element of life, especially for children. We understand that days can be long and filled with much screen time. But that doesn’t have to be the only way to pass the day. 

Here are five fun backyard games that will keep your kids laughing, active, and engaged while they’re at home:

1. Monkey Bar Mastery

Monkey bars are the perfect way to get kids up and active in the backyard. The classic playground equipment is a great way to encourage coordination, strength building, and lots of fun. 

With a monkey bar set, kids can enjoy all sorts of activities. The possibilities are endless, from swinging from one bar to another to doing pull-ups and other exercises. Read more about Vuly’s range of monkey bars to find the perfect set for your backyard. 

You can always up the ante and bring in additional items like skipping ropes or even a punching bag. Anything that encourages exercise and movement is perfect for keeping kids active. 

2. Ultimate Frisbee Frenzy

Frisbee is a classic backyard game that can add energy to any play session. Frisbee provides loads of fun and plenty of exercise between two or the whole family. 

The absence of teams and pressure in Ultimate Frisbee is its strongest feature. You only need a level area, like a backyard, to get started. Children’s ages are welcome to participate, and setting rules is simple. 

In addition to letting youngsters burn off some energy, it’s wonderful for teaching them about sportsmanship and teamwork. This is one backyard activity that will make everyone grin.

3. Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are an excellent method to get kids moving. All you need is a pen and paper, food colouring or chalk for marking the items you want them to find, and a good imagination. 

With a scavenger hunt, children can explore purposefully while becoming familiar with their backyard environment. It’s a terrific method to teach kids about nature and animals while rushing about seeking hidden objects. 

Keep the objects age-suitable so that everyone may join in on the fun. This game requires no extra equipment other than your imagination.

4. Water Balloon Toss

The thrill of a water balloon toss is enough to get any kid up and active. This simple game is a great way to have fun and cool off on hot days. 

You only need water balloons, buckets, old bags, and a level surface. Divide the kids up into two teams and let them toss the balloons back and forth to each other from different distances. 

This activity keeps children active while also teaching them how to work together. Plus, if things get too hot, everyone gets a cool down from the water balloons. Kids of all ages can have hours of enjoyment with a water balloon toss. 

5. Obstacle Course Madness

Backyard obstacle courses are the ideal way to keep children of all ages moving. With a few simple items around your house or yard, you can create an exciting course for youngsters to navigate. 

Set up hula hoops, jump ropes, and other objects they must move between. If it’s a clear day outside, draw a course with chalk that can’t be overlooked. 

An obstacle course is not only entertaining, but it also teaches children how to problem-solve and collaborate as a team. You can also add obstacles as your children grow older and their skills improve. 


Getting kids moving with fun-filled backyard games is more than just a way to keep them entertained. It’s an investment in their health, joy, and overall development. So, next time they’re bored, resist the temptation to hand them a gadget. 

Instead, pull out the old classics or invent a new game. Watch their faces light up with joy, and their bodies fill with energy. Let’s jumpstart their joy, get them moving, and make those childhood memories unforgettable. Have fun!

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