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Bedtime should be the time of day you relax, destress, and ease into dreamland. But parents know that this is rarely how it goes down.

Getting your little ones to stay put under the covers is a battle that can leave kids fussier than ever and parents at their wit’s end.

Inspire Little Minds with Volta, The Levitating Night Light

While children’s bodies might be tired in the evening, their imaginations are often abuzz with ideas, stories, and excitement about the future. For that reason, they just want one more bedtime story or one more minute to watch their favourite YouTube show.

It’s a shame to have to force the ‘off’ switch on their buzzing little brains. But what if there was a way to satisfy their hyperactive imaginations while putting them to sleep at the same time?

That’s exactly what happens with Volta, the levitating lightbulb and night light.

Inspire Little Minds with Volta, The Levitating Night Light

Volta is like taking something directly from the fantastical stories kids love to hear and placing it in their room. It’s a real levitating lamp that hovers and spins in zero-gravity as it glows.

Volta was engineered to be the first affordable levitating lightbulb for the home. It features real levitation powered by electromagnets in its bulb and base, and it transfers electricity through the air via magnetic induction technology.

That’s certainly a mouthful for any child (or adult, for that matter), but that’s a good thing for little minds. The questions are boundless. It opens the imagination up to science, technology, astronomy, storytelling, and so many more inspiring themes that support healthy mental exploration.

And for parents? Volta is relaxing and mesmerizing for you too. But the real benefit is that your kids won’t be able to wait for bedtime. They won’t want to fuss over leaving the TV or computer because they’ll have another stimulating experience awaiting them.

Children are drawn to Volta’s almost hypnotic levitation. As it spins in midair, it inspires minds while keeping mouths quiet and bodies at rest. And then it does its most important job—it puts
them to sleep!

How Does Volta Help Kids Sleep?

When Volta’s soft glow combines with its steady levitation, it creates a serene atmosphere that lowers stress and calms the body. Its special LED lighting was developed according to colour temperature design theory, a new trend in interior lighting that evokes changes in mood with different light tones.

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