A Gap {The Ordinary Moments}

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A Gap {The Ordinary Moments}

Just short of a month ago I wrote about LP having her first wobbly tooth. She was so proud, so excited and so pleased to have finally joined the bigger kids at school who have all got plenty of gaps and wobbly teeth between them.

Since then LP has wobbled her teeth constantly. Her fingers have been constantly in her mouth and she has hardly left that tooth alone. But, the wobbling went up a notch this week when the tooth was pretty much hanging on by a thread.

And finally, at the start of the week, LP wobbled that tooth so much that it fell out – with the help of a Christmas cookie. She was so pleased and couldn’t believe that she finally had her little tooth in her hand.

But, the evening that followed was full of emotion. LP didn’t want the tooth fairy to take her tooth. She wanted to keep her tooth forever. She didn’t want to grow a new tooth, she just wanted her old one back.

That pretty much continued for the whole night – even with her waking at 3am crying over her tooth. But now, a few days on and LP is happy with her gappy smile. She’s shown everyone her gap and told them how the tooth fairy came and left her a whole shiny pound coin.

But, it reminded me how much change there is as a child, how many milestone and so many events that are just so full of emotion. Growing up is a constant learning curve with constant change and so much to deal with really. I just hope that losing her next tooth will be a little bit easier for LP.

For now, at least, she loves her little gap – and plays with it as much as that wobbly tooth!

A Gap {The Ordinary Moments}
The Ordinary Moments

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  1. Bless her. My little boy’s fell out last night. Some seem to get worried about it, others don’t mind. She looks very cute with her little gap & hope it all calms. Have a lovely Christmas x


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