Using the IKEA RÅSKOG Trolley for Arts & Crafts

LP and Little Man both love to draw, paint and write. They are both so creative and they love to come home from school and make things or put their whole imagination down on paper. To help support this I wanted to create somewhere that would be home to all of their craft things – their pens, craft kits and accessories. In the end I impulse bought an IKEA RÅSKOG Trolley…

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How to Make Homemade Crayon Shapes

I realised recently that we had more crayons than any family needs. We had picked little packs up from restaurants when the children couldn’t bare to be parted with them, had been given them in party bags and had so many from various activity packs over the last few years. On top of that we had so many that were almost used up or broken that I decided to do…


5 Rainy Day Activities for Children

It’s so easy to entertain the children when the weather’s nice – take them to the park, play in the garden and often, just being outside is entertainment in itself. But, when the weather turns and you can’t cope with another day at soft play, what do you do? Well, I love the Bright Minds website for educational and fun toys, crafts and activities which are all fantastic to have…