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Freedom and Flexibility: The Hands-Free Breast Pump Way

Motherhood is a grand adventure filled with precious moments. But for many of us British mums, the journey involves a delicate balance between nurturing our little ones and still having wonderful adventures. 

Being on the go with my baby can be challenging. But utilising as many breastfeeding aids as I can, I’ve made nurturing my baby when I’m traveling much less stressful. 

I want to share my travels with other UK mothers to prove that taking a mini-break or visiting family around the country doesn’t have to be stressful if you’re breastfeeding. But first, do you want to know my best breastfeeding advice for adventurous mums? Invest in a hands-free breast pump.

Fancy a Weekend Away? No Problem—Wherever You Go, Your Pump Follows

Portable breast pumps offer a newfound sense of freedom, allowing mums to express milk conveniently and discreetly, whether they’re exploring the historical marvels of London, strolling along the picturesque beaches of Pembrokeshire or touring the enchanting castles of Scotland. 

Coastal Cornwall and the Convenience of Portability

Hands-free breast pumps like the one I use, have become a game-changer for British mums who like to be on the move. Why? Because we can express milk wherever we are giving us the choice to nurse or use bottled breastmilk—either way, it’s breastfeeding. 

Luckily we’re no longer tethered to bulky equipment, so British mums can travel light and pump with ease, ensuring our babies get the best nourishment while enjoying the rich tapestry of Britain. 

I love walking the coastal paths of Cornwall. But it has to be said, they have a rugged beauty that isn’t always pushchair-friendly. That doesn’t stop me stomping with the best of them because I use my brilliant baby carrier. Personally, I prefer to feed my baby expressed milk during longer walks because we can feed her while she’s in the sling—whoever happens to be carrying her. 

Handsfree in Holyrood 

The portability of hands-free breast pumps is a boon for British mums eager to explore their vibrant country. My portable pump is designed to fit snugly into handbags or backpacks, making them ideal travel companions. 

I recently visited cousins in Edinburgh, and during the trip, they suggested a stroll around Holyrood Park. They said we could go to Arthur’s seat another time—it would be too much for me with the baby. You can imagine my response! 

With a bit of prep, I made it to the top, witnessed the breathtaking sight of Edinburgh laid out before me and managed to get a feed in. How? I had brought my portable breast pump with me on our trip. I expressed milk before we went, packed up my organizer with the expressed milk in the cup holder and we were good to go. As the day was cool—it was Edinburgh in October—I had no worries about it staying fresh for a few hours without a cool pack. 

Embracing Historic Sites

Whether you like wandering through the charming streets of Edinburgh or walking in the Lake District, us mums can discreetly express milk whenever the need arises. The convenience of a portable hands-free pumps means that British mums can balance their desire for adventure with their commitment to breastfeeding.

But walking isn’t for everyone, and some of you mums may prefer less nature and more culture. Breastmilk pumping doesn’t mean missing out on the historical marvels that Britain has to offer. Mums can marvel at the prehistoric wonder of Stonehenge, check out the Roman Baths in Bath or pretend you’re a medieval maiden at Caernarfon Castle, all while using your hands-free breast pumps discreetly. 

Historic places welcome family visitors. And with a portable breast pump, you still have the choice to express at home or when you’re out and about. Momcozy breast pump is so discreet that it won’t even be a problem pumping on the go. It fits into their pumping bra and only requires a looser top to make access easier. 

But if you prefer being more comfortable while you pump on the go, historical sites not only provide a rich cultural experience but also offer ample spaces where mothers can comfortably express milk. This way, we can ensure our babies stay nourished while absorbing the country’s history for the first time.

Metropolitan Mummy

I get it, I’m an earth mother who loves exploring Britain’s green spaces. But mums have to stick together wherever they live in the UK. So, if you’re a mum who loves having a pavement rather than a footpath under her feet, go you! Breastfeeding mums from Mayfair to Morden, Smethwick to Small Heath, or Llandough to Lladeyrn are united by motherhood.

And hands-free breast pumps are part of the push to normalise breastfeeding in public spaces across Britain. As more mothers confidently use these pumps while exploring their home cities or visiting others, society is becoming increasingly accepting of breastfeeding as a natural aspect of motherhood and normal life. 

Cities are known for being at the forefront of cultural change. So is vital to promote awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding and encouraging more mothers to choose this nurturing method for their infants. If you’d like to feel confident that you’ll be in a supportive place to pump, look out for a ‘breastfeeding welcome here’ sign. Remember—expressing breastmilk is breastfeeding. 

Breastfeeding Babies: One Journey at a Time

We’re lucky to live in a country with such diverse landscapes, a rich history and varied cultural experiences. And breastfeeding mums don’t have to miss out on a moment of it.  Hands-free pumping empowers us mums to explore the wonders of beautiful Britain while ensuring our little ones are nourished and content. 

With each pump, mothers are not just feeding their babies; they are nurturing a bond, creating memories, and embracing the adventure of motherhood. Every pump represents those of us who refuse to be confined and celebrates our ability to nurture our babies while keeping our minds stimulated and our bodies active. 

So, here’s to the British mums, exploring Britain one pump at a time!


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